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  1. We just don't stand a chance against these film makers destroying our beloved old skool fords, but keep up the good fight gents the world will thank our dedication some day!!!
  2. So... where to begin... I suppose to put it simply, all the parts in the previous pictures are now on and this makes me very happy!! Firstly the Ap's and the Gaz coilovers were fitted. This was a bit of a hassle with some of the parts having to have a little "modifying" The change it gave to the car was extraordinary though, it stops like it's hitting a wall and the coilovers make it handle like a dream!!! Picture after just coilovers and Ap's but the rear still awaiting fitting. Having not fitted the rear springs, bushes or dampers and massively increased the front spring and damper rates, I did notice that the balance had changed pretty dramatically and although cornering immensely faster, it did have the tendency to understeer a little too much for my liking. However over this past weekend I managed to find the time to to fit all the rear suspension components. The new rear setup combined with the changes at the front has altered the car dramatically and made it an awesome little weekend driver even in its current underpowered state. New brakes only just fit!! Before coilovers, brakes and rear suspension After coilovers, brakes and rear suspension Next step: Engine development!!
  3. I thought as much!! That is frustrating but thanks for the help
  4. Hi all, I have a quick question regarding Powerflex Bushes... I have some to fit to new single leafs on my Escort Mk 2, 2 door however there is a large gap in between the two parts of the bush (refer to picture). This is a very basic question but is that supposed to be like that or have I purchased the wrong leafs or bushes? Some advice for the "noob" would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael
  5. Some awesome work been put in there!! I'll be happy if mine looks half as good as some of the finished products above!
  6. Ok so over the last few months not much has been done to the escort but that is all about to change! The last few days have seen the majority of the parts I ordered arrive!!! Single 146lbs rear leaf springs AP Racing front 4pot callipers and vented and grooved disks, Ferodo brake pads, 2 inch lowering blocks... Mk2 Mexico front spoiler, rear light lenses, GPR4 Fabrications bias peddle box, anti tramp rods and all RS steering arms Now I need to get a few little things like brake lines and fluid bottles and a few other little things and then it is time to try and find a shed or garage to work on the old girl... I also invested in a GoPro HD Hero 2 so will be shooting some high res vids and pics of the build which should commence soonish
  7. Hi Nick... The demand for old fords over here is pretty big but most of them end up just being track cars unfortunately... This is partly due to the regulations which I should point out, each state has their own. For example Western Australia where I live you don't need to do an MOT or equivalent you just pay your registration and that that However in the eastern states its a different story... Not completely certain as to all the regulations as I have never had any problems but I think in regard to different engines it needs to be engineered and approved, we have no roll cages, and no 4 point harnesses or above. However there is a way to get around this... you join a rally club and you are then able to register to drive on the road so long as it passes the clubs scrutineering (basic safety stuff, do the brakes work, do you have seats, do you have seat belts). You are also able to register for a 24 hour moving permit which cost A$25 so if you only go on a cruise 2-3 times a year and just use the car on the track the rest of the time, you can get away with one of these... Yeah I work in the mining industry... the only way I can afford to keep the above little bugger haha Have a look at the attached links they might be able to help you out a bit more then I can, as I said none of these regulations ever really effected me: http://www.fordrallyesportclub.com.au/index.htm http://www.classic-ford.org/cfp/default.aspx Oh one last big one... we have no emissions standards for old fords!!! so twin 45s and the lumpiest cam you can get and no catalytic converter!!! haha
  8. I have been in search of some too for some time but can not seem to find any...
  9. Ok so I thought it was about time I added a little update... I recently incurred an issue with my gearbox. The selector decided one day that I know longer needed to use reverse 1st and 3rd gears which makes driving the little beast a bit of a challenge and gear selection becomes your top priority haha. So I dragged another one out of an old 4 door I have and added it to the increasing list of parts I have to fit! And I thought I would just add a photo of some of the seats that I went to test to see if they were comfortable... The outcome... They were awesome but $700 Australian each so a little out of my price range (To put it in perspective $700 currently buys 2 Cobra Monaco Pro's with mounting brackets and shipping from the UK). So that is all for now I shall post picks of my new parts when they arrive!!!
  10. Where a bouts in oz are you mate? Terrific cars you have there mate hope I can get my mine to that standard one day =)
  11. hahhaa yeah the Aussie cars are a bit different!!! Its always interesting to see other countries cars though... Cheers for the comment mate... Its a little scrappy in some spots but thats why you buy an old skool ford... to spend hours making it better then new
  12. Love the revo's but who could say no to beautiful mini lights on that beauty!!
  13. So I thought that while I have no money to spend on my car that I would write a little section on my car, the work I have done and the work that is yet to be done... Hope you enjoy my Australian Mk 2 Project and it's story... So, I first purchased the car 3 and a half years ago... It was a very quick decision and I am ashamed to say that I had never really thought of buying a Ford as I was a Holden (Vauxhaul in the UK although the cars are quite different) fan (Please note the "WAS" )... I previously had a toyota blizzard which I was loaned by my grandfather and soon destroyed as all young kids do... I was desperate for a new car so over the weekend i went in search for a new ride and my father suggested an escort which i promptly went in search for, fell in love with, and bought the first one i saw... So finally to the car itself... enough with history... It is a 1977 Mk 2 Escort GL... The previous owner fitted a 1600 Kent engine with a Lukey exhaust system and extractors but other then that and a high flow air filter the engine is standard. The paint work was also done by the previous owner but i can say it was his best effort as I was told that it wasn't that old yet the clear coat is already wearing off and it chips in the slightest breeze.... Standard and worn tends to set the tone for the rest of the car... However, I do intend to change this although i do wish to keep the car looking rather standard. When purchased the car had 13x6 inch Dragway rims and 205/60 Yokohama Y352 tyres. Recently though I purchased some 13x7 minilights and 175/50 Yokohama A359 tyres as I wish to lower the car slightly and I love the look of the -7 mini lights. Gaz GHA coil overs are going to be the means of lowering the car along with some lowering blocks for the rear. A the moment I am undecided on how far to go but I imagine it will end up lower then practical... The suspension continues with various other bits that i have collected and that are waiting for the day of installation. This list includes the following: Adjustable top mounts Adjustable TCA's Polybushes throughout the car Aluminium Hubs and a few other bits and bobs On the current shopping list after the summer holidays in Australia is going to be some 4 pot AP Racing brakes for the front. When I get these and then find some time it shall all be pulled apart and then go back together and hopefully i don't have too many bolts left over Engine-wise, I'm going to stay with the 1600 Crossflow that was transplanted into it and do the standard carbs, cam, extractors, 1300 pistons and electronic dizzy. But all that must wait for another pay day... Hope you all enjoyed the read if you bothered to read this far, I will keep adding to this thread as I go... Cheers fellas and happy motoring!!
  14. Mine are just minilights... Had no problem with the centre caps on mine not sure why yours are coming off The only problem that i encountered was that because they had been painted with a thick layer of sealant, when i came to tightening them up, at first they were tight but then when i drove down the road the sealant wore off and i had to add about half a turn on them... Hope you understood that haha... Moral of the story is always check your wheel nuts are tight i was lucky that i noticed the movement early and averted a disaster hahaaa Hope that helps
  15. In my opinion 175/50's on 7 inch rims looks really really nice... hence why i have just fitted these to my car However i previously had 205/60 on 6inch rims which i also liked but given the fact that i am about to lower it i chose to change to the 175/50's below are some pics to show you... the car is not lowered at present This one is of the day the wheels went on A couple of weeks before changing the wheels... not minilites but you understand how the tyres sit Hope this helps Michael
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