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  1. Wow thats news to me, i wonder if they sell many ? The more gears means more gear changes. I don,t think 6 gears would be of benefit in a road car. Type 9 5 speed close ratio all the way for me. Spend the ££ saved on other upgrades.
  2. Angle needs to be checked at ride height. No good with rear weight only on the axle with the front up in ths air ?
  3. Who does a helical seq box ? Thought all were motorsport orientated straight cut ?
  4. Plated style slipper B373 every day. Cross pin & ATB stuff can be synth fancy oil.
  5. A good & worthy subject here. Have any of you actually measured the diff flange angle ? A diff pointing slightly uphill will ultimately starve the pinion of oil, also takes grip away from rear wheels under acceleration. As well as shagging out prop uj's . Too much diff nose pointing down does uj's also. However, the happy medium that works very well is 3.5 degrees of diff nose (down) Too much increases grip to give bad understeer. 1/4 mile cars would run 5 degrees for max launch. From memory you can draw a line from edge of lowering block to far edge 3mm down,
  6. MB is of course a DH but he has sadly made a bloody good living from being a DH
  7. Well I decided very early on in my major build to fit rear discs on english 105e axle. Had half shafts turned down bought some very crusty rear xr4 calipers complete for a couple of quid, bought brand new fiesta front discs £14 pair then had them drilled & grooved (look nice) exchanged the crusty calipers for re con service exchange units. bought a sierra hand brake cable made some braided hoses up new fiesta pads £ 12 fitted the lot & haven't looked back after 3500 miles no cylinder leaks, no adjustment shenanigans, cool quicker after
  8. The Alan Mann Racing hard back book is well worth a read. Lots of old pics for those who can't read. All manor of specialist projects were carried out by them at Fairoaks. No excuses guys, we got plenty of spare time on our hands right now. When will it all end ?
  9. 30 H 84 denotes it as a 1984 block, i believe these to be fitted in a Sierra lookalike saloon in South Africa. Later blocks came out stamped as 831c with the AX cast in also. In essence, these are the same thick wall blocks. Most will go to 86mm but well worth a double check on bire wall thickness first. All were cast 80.7 ish 1600. Cylinder heads were a sport type casting & not as a GT as we know in uk.
  10. Diff holding fixture ? Can you elaborate pls.
  11. Talking of graphics, i've been trying to find a thread to fit this in. Does anyone know the F O R D font for bonnet/boot badges ? Also the blue/round RS badge that fits on some mk1 escort & mk1 capri boot lids ? We fancy getting these copied on chrome vinyl for our race cars. Any help greatfully accepted.
  12. We were lucky enough to be invited by a supplier to attend SEMA about 8 years ago. This makes any of our NEC type shows look like a local community hall jumble sale. The organisation was megga, coach collected us every day , dropping us at the hall door we finished at the night before. Two & a half days it took us to do most of it. Got some great leads with new worldwide suppliers. A very worthwhile trip but not cheap these days with $ exchange rate.
  13. Road and Track Andy Cattani in Smallfields surrey.
  14. Does the axle location fit directly over the hole in the capri spring ? Saw some single leafs on a mk2 tina where the std axle located about 30 mm away from the hole in single leaf (thick piece of spring that axle should sit on was well forward of lowering block)
  15. MDV Engineering do these, as fitted to the Brown & Geeson mk1 race cars.
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