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  1. 1. POSSE ONE STAND PASS X2 TICKETS 2. lotusless one stand pass x2 tickets 3. Baz105e 1 stand pass 2 tickets 4. SebringRS 1 Stand Pass, x3 tickets 5. Banarama 1 stand pass & 1 ticket 6. Pete 1 stand pass only if possible. 7. Tall Paul 1 Stand pass x2 Tickets 8. rallyesport04 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 9. Tilbrook 1 stand pass x2 tickets 10. Leadfoots 1 stand pass / 2 x Tickets 11. Big_man 1 stand pass, 1 x ticket 12. caprinerd 1 stand pass and tickets TBA at the mo till i get a defo 13. ox 1 stand pass 14. RossMK2 1 stand pass ill update for tickets asap 15. Willsy 1x ticket 1x stand pass 16. NickB 1 stand pass & 2 tickets 17. Baileymex 1 x Ticket / 1 x Stand Pass 18. 105ESteve 1 x Ticket / 1 x Stand pass 19. MEXY867M X3 stand passes thanks 20. Deltamal x 1 Ticket - 1 x stand pass 21. 100edave x 3 ticket & 2 stand passes 22. scootlife 1 stand pass and 2 tickets please 23. mattsbmw 1 stand pass and 2 tickets please 24. Fezza 1x stand pass and 1x ticket 25. Harrier Ian 1 stand pass and 1 ticket please. 26. Fiesta Steve 2x stand pass & 3 tickets please. 27. Glenbo 1x stand pass & 2 tickets please. 28. mk1rob 1x stand pass & 1 ticket please. 29. Crazy Charlie , X1 stand pass , X2 tickets please 30. JP. (Dutch chapter)2 x stand pass, no tickets. 31. Cos30 1 stand pass , 1 ticket please 32. O_H_C 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 33. James G , X1 stand pass , X2 tickets please 34. 4DOOR-SHERWOOD x1 stand pass and x1 ticket please 35. jamie956, 2x stand pass please 36. popeye x2 1 Stand pass. 37. Stu 1x stand pass, 3 x tickets please 38. Mk 1 Helen 1x stand pass and 1x ticket please 39. KJ 1320 1x stand pass and 2x tickets please 40. leecccmk1 1x stand pass & 2 x tickets please 41. Unclebuck 1x Stand pass and 1 x ticket please 42. Driver 1x stand pass and 1 ticket. TA 43. webby 3x stand passes and 3 tickets please 44. Oggy 69 one stand pass/ two tickets pls 45. davesilcock one stand pass and 2 tickets please
  2. Aldon Automotive in Stourbridge,Brum. all the bits for Weber carbs and more than familiar with escorts, even let me stand and watch in the workshop for a while
  3. I will be going, unless it rains!!! oh and make a date for Warwick Retro, 14th August in Market Place, just turn up at 10am, expected turnout of 70 odd cars - CV34 4SA Also worth a look at the Butty Run at Long Itchington, lot of American motors ride out for breakfast - could be good for a OSF drive out and show them what proper old school sounds like
  4. I had already clocked the Daventry meet and was planning on going! - just got a few minor jobs to do on the car, like a new alternator and leaking oil seal to gear box, even the new carbs have sprung a fuel leak - been in a heated garage over the winter but things still go wrong without regular use The Leamington 100 seems to advertise on Retards Club along with the Warwick Classic car show, Leamington is in September but no exact date yet, Warwick is all quiet for this yoear but I hope its on! Not that I go on Retards Club but my daughter does!!! I will keep all posted as any excuse to get out for a drive
  5. ignore the half a pic comment, I had the setting wrong, selected wide view at the page bottom and all cured!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, looking forward to attending some meets this summer, there are a few local ones to me, Warwick Castle does a fathers day classic car bash, along with the leamington 100 charity show and Warwick classic car show, no dates for the last two but they will be announced on the net soon! thanks Dave
  7. First Pics Leamington 100 car show oops, cant seem to post a whole photo, half a car then from last weekend in the sun
  8. Shame they don't add a year every year, my escort is Jan 1974 and I'm going to tax her this weekend, can't leave her in the garage any longer!
  9. Great interior, I had a 1600GT many years ago, I bought it for the engine to stick in a mk 2 Escort and scrapped the rest of the car (feel guilty about it now)- all except the wood dash and trim that still reside in my garage, been there for 20 years!!! along with a lonely Mk 1 Mexico badge!
  10. cheers matey, three posts now so pics coming soon!
  11. Hi just joined and keen to get out and about in my Mk1 RS2000 now the spring is nearly upon us She has undergone a full restoration by its previous owner and I finished her off late last year with twin 45's, minilites, cibies etc cant post pics yet as just joined but will! first outing was the Leamington 100 and she won the 'wow' factor award!
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