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  1. Hi, I've got for sale a brand new alloy gearbox casing it's for an RS 4 speed (type e) gearbox. it also includes a brand new heavy duty layshaft which is slightly bigger in diameter than the standard one giving it extra strength. Also includes a new lid. This lot is over £600 retail but I am offering it to you for £450 including postage or can be collected from Basingstoke
  2. Hi I've got for sale a brand new front cover for a type e 4 speed gearbox, I've got it on eBay for £40 but for you old Skool ford lot it's £35 including delivery! Or collection from Basingstoke Tom
  3. I bought these fibreglass parts for my car a while ago but as my cars finished I can't bring myself to chop it up so I've decided to sell them. they have been chopped around a bit to fit the previous owners car I guess, so they will need some work to get them to fit nicely, looking for £200 for the lot, collection from basingstoke. Cheers Tom
  4. For sale is my 2000e gearbox removed from my Anglia 105e I've been using the gearbox for about a year now and can confirm that it has no horrible noises selects each gear with no crunching and is all round a nice gearbox. When I fitted the gearbox this time last year i bought the following parts new which are all Included, Mexico/lotus cortina clutch slave cylinder, the bore size is 0.875, a stainless steel adjusting rod and clutch release bearing from 105speed Ratios 1st 2.97 2nd 2.01 3rd 1.39 4th 1.00 location: Basingstoke Price: £600
  5. Do you still need these? I'm pretty sure I've got a pair of std shafts I can check if you want I'm in Basingstoke Tom
  6. Such a load of shite that programme lol
  7. Yeah 230s out the question, mines 1700cc
  8. How does one apply for a show pass Jo? That is good news! Last year was a disaster for me personally
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