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  1. Thanks Ray, much appreciated for your views on this lefty GXL, I get to modifying any cars I owned 🥴 I’ll contact guy to see if he can lower the price as much as I can 🙏🏻 Seán
  2. I can do body work repairs/respraying and bit of welding as it was my skills from motor trade for 20 years but last touch any cars since 2005! Need garage with proper tools then I would buy it.... Seán
  3. Hi Need advice on very tatty but complete rare French mk1 Escort GXL left hand drive (British version of 1300E), the seller want £3.5k Worth the asking price or ridiculous money? (See photos)
  4. Ah, same bloke Thomas Roos and his sob story about brother’s death....? Make a change from trying to scam us by someone from Nigeria ?
  5. Anyone heard of this Rogam Trading Group, based in Inverness, Scotland? The seller selling his family’s car, 2014 Ford S Max Titanium X Sport on eBay and he use this company a lot for buying/selling, I had a look at Google from car forums, all positive and some club members said they used them but no link to their website to register and purchase his car via Rogam Trading Group? Seán
  6. Thanks Mrs, I will p.m cokebottle now
  7. Car Transporter Anyone members here own business transporting the customers' cars anywhere in the UK? If so, can one of you P.M'd me the price quote for picking up car from West Bromwich, nr Birmingham to Wakefield, West Yorkshire? Thanks in advance Sean
  8. I have seen that car other day at outskirt of Leeds, uber-kool mota you got, especially with that banded steelies Great photos of little OSF too Sean
  9. Love the quote from director of Funeral Service, see link below: http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-new ... 15827.html
  10. If your mate got Home Insurance for contents cover on his house, check to see if your mate have legal protection cover? I am using this to bring up my legal matter against car sales trader who sold me dangerous and un-roadworthy 5 yrs old car that he claimed his wife owned it prior to selling it via his motor trade business. Gutted to hear his car damaged due to excessive sand-blasting Sean
  11. Hi I get same questions from people who ask how much "buy it now" on eBay items I am selling under my wife's account (don't ask why, I didn't even notice I was putting my items for sale on her account!) See links below: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Escort-MK1-F ... 20b454ee1c http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Escort-MK2-F ... 20b454fa5d http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-13-Banded-St ... 20b4550e28 How much will each item as above link worth? I have no idea and hoping to sell them to the highest bidder Thanks in advance Sean
  12. Spotted it on other website - would love to buy it but no where to store it, see link http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread. ... ost1704865 Is it rare mk2 crew cab? Sean
  13. the fella at the local garage 2 mins away is going to lend me his, if it fits in the car cos its even bigger than yours. But if I am stuck I'll give you a shout, cheers Sean No worries mate, you know where to find me, best of luck in changing the engine on your Cortina
  14. Hi Wanna borrow my engine crane again? LOL Let me know Sean
  15. Have always want to buy LHD mk1 Escort van...........sell it to me so that my left-hooker 4-door Escort look nice next to that uber-cool van you got! Sean
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