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  1. Got the car via eBay at Walsall, originally from South of France LHD Tawny Brown mk1 more door cost me £1800, plus £120 for transporting it up to Leeds, West Yorkshire 👍 Bodywork bit tatty around the edges due to long storage at farm’s barn but engine bay/underneath chassis/floor & boot floor, all doors and rear boot all mint 😁 Oh and purchase 1300gt crossflow engine at £150 too to replace old 1100cc engine
  2. Cheers, I’ll have a check on webcon’s website about carb kits 👍
  3. My Escort now run! Engine running sweet except for one tiny issue, the Weber 32/36 DGAV manual choke carb got petrol leak due to either gasket or small crack somewhere. Is there carb rebuild kits as the eBay only sell limit kits for carbs (mostly for Pinto). is the complete carb correct fit for my 1300gt crossflow as it’s for 1600 x/f? (See pic) Thanks in advance Seán
  4. Hi, I am sure the topic has been brought up but I want to know if there are aftermarket front struts with discs & callipers as the eBay on used/2nd hand struts at sell at quite high price, if only I knew complete Capri 2.8 struts at that price, I would have keep few spares in the past than bin it! 😩 TIA Seán
  5. Love the stance of more door Escort! 👍 Interesting to see one piece glass on front doors
  6. Thanks mate, I have learnt more about classic Fords from this site as I have been away from car scene for too long, same with my other passion for R5GTTs too! Here some pics if I am allowed to put Renaults on this website 😉👍
  7. Good advice mate, I think it would be good to give my background information as I am ex-body repairs & paint sprayer with over 20 years of experience in my motor trade business and can tinkerer with mechanical stuffs, but I left the trade due to back problems, also as I am busy father of three kids and full time job, I just want to get the car done with engine running and driving it at same time I can do bit of body work doing up and as well as enjoying the time to drive it on good days 👍 Seán
  8. Ah, I have already bought polished K&N air filter housing and deliver this Friday. But thanks for offer 👍
  9. Thanks mate, I’ll get it order now 👍
  10. Hi My original 1100cc engine need new piston rings so I bought 1300gt engine to replace it. My mechanic said it is nearly ready to start the car, just waiting for new starter motor on order. The carb is twin Weber type so I need new air filter kits and fancy K&N ones as it will look nice and old skool look but I can’t find one for 1300 models as most for 1100cc and 1600cc? See pic Seán
  11. Thanks mate, I’ll tell my mechanic it won’t work to lubricant pistons....🙄 Hopefully on Monday, other mechanic who’s into mk1/mk2 Escorts will have a look and get it running 🙏🏻🤞🏼
  12. My regular mechanic put small diesel fuel inside the pistons via spark plug holes to soak it up to lubricant pistons for a week then tried to start it up but compression still same, the next door garage guy who got few mk1 & mk2 Escorts for work in his garage will help out on Monday to get it running so finger crossed 🤞🏼
  13. The mechanic said the engine turn after changing the points, leads, spark plugs and cleaning of carb and replacing all filters, engine won’t fire up and compression on each piston not same and one of them too low pressure - I am no technical mind thou but he said engine knackered Seán
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