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  1. I usually search for cars or car parts from Europe via eBay websites of each country but now it refer me back to UK eBay but in their language? For example, if I type www.eBay.fr take me straight to French site www.eBay.it take me to Italian site etc., but not anymore?
  2. I got private message from someone via this site, member here or scammer?
  3. The robbing arse back online on Retards Club but he blocked me! Can anyone kindly help out by checking his profile and take screenshots of his face and where he’s based at? TIA
  4. Hi Anyone know of companies, preferably based in North, does banded steel wheels? I got standard mk3 Cortina 5j wheels that I want to make it wider to 6J Thanks Seán
  5. Any one got set of mk3 Tina 13” steel wheels, not mk4 or mk5 types as they don’t take hubcaps - like those pics I seen on eBay (I can take either 4x set or pair of wheels with or without hubcaps) TIA
  6. I have asked my bank to inform scammer’s own Halifax bank account he was using to scam money out of people like me and to stop him from continuing using his account. I already told them I did not expect any money back.
  7. Heard about Aldridge’s but it’s quite out of my budget range so hoping someone got them parts I want for sale. I thought it is Escort-Tec section to pOST my Wanted post on this place?
  8. 1st pic is mine’s but the rest of photos I saw on Retards Club post that I like for my car 👍
  9. I am looking for tan/brown interior parts for my more-door mk1 Escort, see pics with list of parts below: • LHD dash top in brown colour for 6-clock pod •Tan door cards for 4-door (1100L model) •Decent front/rear seats in tan colour, or if lucky 1300GT like that pic •Rear parcel shelf in brown colour Thanks in advance Seán
  10. UPDATE - got letter from my bank, basically they said my fault and they “wash their hands of this matter.....” 🤨 So I have no choice and consider this case closed with the loss of £80.00 of my money!
  11. UPDATE: I spoke to my bank’s Fraudulent Department about what’s happening and gave them this guy’s name and his bank account details, they will raise this issue with other bank (Halifax) and give me Case Ref number. They will contact me within 20 days after my complaint to give feedback about this matter and hopefully Halifax bank can block scammer’s bank account just in time before he withdraw money and close it so they can refund money to me but I doubt it. Thanks for supports and advice, very much appreciated 👍 Seán
  12. That’s the only way to find out who he is with his Halifax bank details and hopefully bank can investigate and maybe report to police on fraud as I have no mean of search him out using IP address as he deactivated his fake profile on F/book?
  13. Mmmm....I’ll try that 🤞🏼🙏🏻
  14. Unfortunately not! He gave me his Halifax bank sort code & account number, paid him online banking transfer 🥺
  15. I’m no techie expert but how do I track his IP address? Most of time I use my iPhone for car websites/eBay or F/book - never use laptop....😒
  16. He replied on one of groups’ post and I sent PM’d after checking his profile, all good and he sent pics of his LHD more door mk1 Escort he is breaking, once I have paid him £80.00 via bank transfer as he haven’t got PayPal account, then remove his comment on my post and deactivated his account! 😩
  17. Did I type Retards Club....?🤨
  18. Does anyone know Terrance Lowe from Glasgow? I think I have been scammed by this guy after I sent Wanted section on Retards Club about any brown colour interior parts for my LHD mk1 more door and he said he got set of tan colour door cards for 4 door model at £80.00 Obviously I had a check on his profile and seem genuine guy with passion for OSF cars so paid via bank transfer to his Halifax account. As soon as he got money, he blocked his Retards Club account! arse!.....😡🤬 Expensive lesson learnt (again!) Seán
  19. Got the car via eBay at Walsall, originally from South of France LHD Tawny Brown mk1 more door cost me £1800, plus £120 for transporting it up to Leeds, West Yorkshire 👍 Bodywork bit tatty around the edges due to long storage at farm’s barn but engine bay/underneath chassis/floor & boot floor, all doors and rear boot all mint 😁 Oh and purchase 1300gt crossflow engine at £150 too to replace old 1100cc engine
  20. Cheers, I’ll have a check on webcon’s website about carb kits 👍
  21. My Escort now run! Engine running sweet except for one tiny issue, the Weber 32/36 DGAV manual choke carb got petrol leak due to either gasket or small crack somewhere. Is there carb rebuild kits as the eBay only sell limit kits for carbs (mostly for Pinto). is the complete carb correct fit for my 1300gt crossflow as it’s for 1600 x/f? (See pic) Thanks in advance Seán
  22. Love the stance of more door Escort! 👍 Interesting to see one piece glass on front doors
  23. Thanks mate, I have learnt more about classic Fords from this site as I have been away from car scene for too long, same with my other passion for R5GTTs too! Here some pics if I am allowed to put Renaults on this website 😉👍
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