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  1. yes please otherwise me glenbo will have walk miles to camp site .
  2. Have received 2 tickets today for classic ford show as ordered but no stand pass.bam14jeff
  3. Reminds me of Bartletts yard @3Oars back in the 60's & 70's & the Music is Brill
  4. Team Donut take the Jam @ the 3rd Round of the drag challenge today @ the Pod..A 1st 3rd & 4th combined with fastest reaction.Well done to the Leadfoots & Glenbo.
  5. ask Glenbo he's done a few, running Quafes at the moment but judgement still not in
  6. Sounds like a project inprogress on the pinto so whilst saving for the necessarry on the pinto how about looking at weight to bhp ratio for short term improvement whilst planning the longer term project on the engine
  7. welcome to oldskoolford I hope you will enjoy & meet many new friends cause there's a great group out there
  8. Having spent the last 24hrs reading all the posts my heads still buzzing ,I've come to the conclusion that OSF is a one off, and in my opinion we all have to progress but whether it be large steps or very tiny ones we must put our faith in the admin
  9. bam14jeff


    Maybe a weekend Trophy event on a league basis Fastest Reaction - Best Handicapped Time - Best Burn Out top 5 @ each to be entered for league, total points of each league added for Trophy Winner. Keep Kieran busy on the burnouts.
  10. I totally agree with the arguements against ACE announcement but unfortunately as we now only to well,most of Europe,especially the French will ignore such rulings but the UK government will back it 100%.So as Kev said it's time to shout.
  11. bam14jeff


    Maybe rainbow would look great Kev
  12. bam14jeff


    Maybe a car would help
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