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  1. The engine and carbs are new, but I don't think it's running right, I was hoping there might be someone in the local area who might be able to offer me a hand.
  2. Is there anyone close to Milton Keynes who knows about setting up Weber carbs, and might be able to pop over to help me set them up. Eventually I'll take the car to a rolling road but I just need a hand setting them up for the time being. They are twin 45's and are on a blacktop zetec.
  3. Thanks for the that. I managed to fit my old carbs onto the new manifold with the help of a trusty hacksaw and grinder.
  4. I am trying to fit my twin webers from my pinto onto a zetec that I have put into my Anglia. I'm using a zetec inlet manifold from Retroford, but the carbs are very close together so I can't use my old linkage. What do I use to join the two carbs together, and also connect the throttle cable?
  5. Thanks very much Simon, I appreciate that. I also know how much hard work, you and the other contributors put into making the magazine.
  6. I realise that there is a section for specific questions / comments for Classic Ford magazine items. I've posted in that section before, and I've also emailed the publishers on numerous occasions, but what I'd like to know is does anyone else suffer with delivery problems. I noticed a post on here on December 4th saying the current issue was available in shops etc, but my subscription copy still hasn't arrived. If I'd bought it in Tesco I would have had it 2 weeks!
  7. Simon, Thanks for taking the time to reply, but I find it hard to believe that you have no say over the magazine subscriptions. Mark
  8. I still Haven't received mine. After my first post on here on the 9th October, I was told to email subs, which I did. I've now just sent my third email to them, and the latest reply is telling me there was an error at the printers and that it was despatched on the 15th October and I can expect to receive it by the 19th. if I'd bought it at the newsagents I would have had it a week. Its not a very good attitude by the Classic Ford magazine staff to just say email the subs dept. I think they should have more interest in their customers and ensure that these problems don't arise again. When my subscription is due for renewal I'll have to consider whether to renew or just purchase the magazine from the newsagents.
  9. For years I've subscribed to various magazines, such as Street Machine, Custom Car, Classic American etc, and also Classic Ford. There are 2 reasons why I do this. Firstly it generally is a bit cheaper than buying it monthly, and secondly you used to get the current issue before it was available in the shops. Is there any reason why now I can see Classic Ford in the shops, before mine is delivered?
  10. I was looking through a Classic Ford magazine and it says the 2.0L zetec was available as a Silver Top in the 1993 - 1996 Mondeos, or a Black Top in 1996 - 2000 Mondeos or 1998 - 2004 Focus. Which is the best/easiest to put into a Anglia 105e? I realise that parts will have to be changed and fitting kits can be bought from Retro Ford.
  11. Well done everyone. Looks like I need some points!
  12. I'll give them a go, see how much they'll buy them for.
  13. Has anyone tried selling a mobile phone to one of those websites like Mazuma. I have a 2 year old iphone 5 and a Blackberry Bold. Any suggestions as to best ways of selling them?
  14. MKMark

    Dropping a Round

    I don't think we should drop any rounds, I think every point should go towards your final score/position.
  15. MKMark

    Dropping a Round

    Why don't you drop the lowest scoring round?
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