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  1. We rent a unit but in the middle of building one for ourselves as we have ran out of room!!
  2. So yes, I’m a newbie even though I did join in 2011! My pride and joy is my 1983 Fiesta XR2 which I’ve owned for about 9+ years. Been slowly restoring it and it’s no way finished but it’s MOT’d so I just have to drive it! I also own another Mk1 Fiesta, a 1978 1.1L, that’s been garaged for 12+ years so that will be my next project! Between me and my partner we own 10 OSF’s, including Granada’s, Cortina, Sierra’s, Mondeo and the Fiestas! Can beat an Old Skool Ford!
  3. Hi, can I book my car in for this. Just a day pass, no camping. Thanks!
  4. Got my pack today! This might be a silly question, but is camping for Friday and Saturday night or just a Saturday!? 😊
  5. I'd love a turbo but i gotta sell some cars before i can even think of getting more!! Got the Si for sale and a mk1 1.1 gl...oh and a smart car!! Lol
  6. Im guessing there aint many women on this site...so gotta be rude to the ones that are!! Better watch it though cause i can start being very crude back if you aint careful!
  7. I am! The only picture they are getting of my 'pair' it the cars above!!
  8. Oh ha ha Fiesta Steve, there is always one that has to lower the tone!! Lol I do have a nice pair, thanks!!
  9. Cheers everyone! Once i figure this site out i'll get some pics posted
  10. Hi im Amy, I have a slight Fiesta addiction, currently own 4 but gonna have to get rid of 2 soon Would love to get a full set, Mk1 to Mk7!! I have a Mk1 XR2 which ive owned for nearly a year, bin slowly giving it some TLC and hopefully soon he wont look a day over 21!! I also have another Mk1 1.1 GL which is a none runner, a Mk3 Si and a Mk6 Fiesta Black and my daily smoker. Recently took my XR2 to the Classic Ford Show @ Santa Pod with the Fiesta Club. I really like the look of OSF stand so i have joined up Anywho, hope to meet some of you soon
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