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  1. Congratulations to both, lovely cars! Weirdly didn’t Ben Perrys car sell the other day as it’s in the classifieds section?! Could have got more now it’s a show winner! 😂
  2. Can’t wait to see this car in the flesh dan when we are back to normal 👍
  3. Looks like a great project, exactly what I would have been looking for before all this Coronavirus crap, although over what I'd be able to spend. Even have a 100e I'd be poss be looking at getting rid off to make room (begrudgingly). More pics (including interior etc) and list of what needs doing to finish would definitely help sale 👍 Out of interest how come you never went for "mex" front wings when replacing panels / rust, if going for the RS2 stripes replica look?
  4. Where about are you rich (location)? Cheers James
  5. Decided to go last minute (as a spectator not in one of my cars) after hearing about them enforcing the cut off date for once and also the change of venue (not a fan of Santa pod). Thought it was a good show (although £25 on the gate was very expensive for what the show was) but actually felt like classic ford again, aka no plastic shit, less chav’s, basically loads better all round in my opinion. First time I’ve been in years after saying I’ll never go again while they continued the old format (of basically letting anything in and it not actually being a CLASSIC ford show.). As long as they c
  6. Your more than welcome mate, was happy to do it. will hopefully get something sorted for an OSF stand at a show again sometime in the future
  7. Yep, that was me and my mates cars.
  8. Good day, doesn't seem as busy last few years, but still fantastic day. My escort has just sneaked into the background in one of your pictures Ben
  9. I have two, a mk2 escort and a 100e. Would Definately get another car but not 100% it would be a ford (I have a thing for old fiats atm) Biggest problem is finding somewhere to put them (indoors)
  10. Good day, I was there in my mk2. Definately not as good as previous years though imo
  11. I can't believe anything is £500 to tax!!!!
  12. XjamesX

    My Dart

    Love it. Can't beat a bit of Mopar
  13. I'll try and get some sent over to you Jo. Then again I've been saying that for a few years now I think! Ha ha
  14. I've been twice, last time the Mrs had a go as well, and she loved it too. It's fantastic, by far the best "driving" related day experience you can do imo. And both times I've been the instructors have been brilliant. Couldn't say enough good things about it tbf.
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