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  1. We have had some new t shirts made. Anyone is welcome to purchase one, just drop me a pm Hope you like
  2. We are currently build James a nice xflow to run in the osfdc for this season. Here are some pics so far Block stripped and cleaned in the tank Some porting on the cylinder head Skimmed and valves installed Onto the block now I'll load further pics as the build continues
  3. Not long finished doing andys new 2.1 for his lovely mk1, all installed and cruising the streets now [emoji4] Here are some pics
  4. Over Xmas we had Tony lovely mk1 van in to have his new 200hp 2.1 screamer that we had built for it. Here is some pictures for you guys
  5. Go on the Capri. 2.1 Ashton power [emoji123][emoji106]
  6. Of course mate. Been a massive overhaul on it [emoji6]
  7. Can offer you a exchange one all ready done if any help [emoji106] 5mins from gatwick. Cheers
  8. welcome baz [emoji106][emoji106]
  9. Haven't stopped Scott. My Car is in a thousand pieces! Will hope to have it together for cf. but all our customers car are priority. That being said Atleast 5 cars running at the first round have just been either worked on or new engines fitted to.
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