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  1. Nice project was the roof panel a higgins item if so was it a bugger to fit?
  2. I'm after a rollover jig for my mk2 escort preferably on wheels has anyone got one for sale that they've finished with? Cheers Mark
  3. I'm after a rear spoiler rubber type must be good to mint condition
  4. I agree mate the price includes shipping from Germany as well. You still got them door panels for me?
  5. Thanks but I've got a set for £400
  6. Hi I have a two piece mk1-2 carpet brand new that I do not need anymore pm me also I have a set of 5 ,7.5 j rs wheels too cheers rob

  7. Mk2 Rs2000 parts WANTED. I'm after the following items. Interior Door panels and rear quarter panels Front and rear seats Carpet Rear bumper Rear spoiler Bonnet Headlights and backing plates Rs clocks and time clock with pod Centre console Alloy sump Alloy bell housing Alloy wheels Cash waiting for the right items. Cheers Mark
  8. does anyone know 4parajon or know if he is still active on here? Cheers mark
  9. does anyone know 4parajon or know if he is still active on here? Cheers mark
  10. I'm after the two small inserted bulges that go behind the front bumper to accommodate the indicators. can anyone cut me these parts out and post to md if possible? Cheers mark
  11. I am after a pair of brown fishnet recaros out of a Capri. Cash waiting for the right seats.
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