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  1. i havent been doing much with my car, been sorting christmas out, now thats done i get to play again well just before christmas i finally got my exhaust flange and turbo flange cut, so redy for top mount T28 turbo, i had a few nice bits given to me from family and other half, got one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alternative-S ... 1c1f5f8913 and i also got http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-cortina- ... 35a6351c82 and i also got a standard ford radio to put back in and make the car look more factroy, gonna be busy, but will be all good,
  2. lol, not to sure on how much boost but i would guess it was up nearlly 2bar if not a bit more, the new engine i have used is from a 1998-99 mondeo, i swopped all the bits from that with the bits from my old eingine as the sump ect, i guess u could use the standard sump but cut it to allow the cross member, i have been thinking about going for a 2.0 or 2.2 16valve turbo diesel from a later mondeo but they cost alot of money, plus with the really newer engines they have so much electrics flyby throttle, ecu's ect, i think that the 8 valve engines r about the newest u can fit with out all the headaches,
  3. Well it’s been a long time since I have updated so here goes, 3 weeks ago I was heading to London when my car started to run shit, then it lost all power and the oil light come on, Pulled over and had a leak around the turbo, but need to get my daughter home so topped the oil up and carried on slowly, after awhile I had lost all boost, Anyway after about 10 mins the engine started to rev its nuts of, turn the key of and it was still revving, pulled over and it was kicking out loads of smoke, filled the motorway, lol, Anyway y I was waiting I pulled the inlet pipe of and the turbo had blown, The next day I went and got another turbo, came home and fitted it, new oil and she fired up, went around the block and it started to rattle, Got home and turned it of, Well I decided that the engine had to come out to have a look inside, went to drop the oil out and I found two big holes in the side of my sump, with the engine out I took the sump of and found the oil pump shaft had broken into 5 bits, broken con rod, broken oil pump sprocket, as well as the hols in the sump, and the block had split in about 8 places New engine was sourced from a mondeo, Endura de, 1.8, I started to swop all the parts from my engine to convert it to rear wheel drive, had my brother in-law weld and reshape my sump, and I got it all sorted, Had to buy a pattern sump gasket witch I don’t like, put the engine back in and it fired up and ran smooth, happy days, well after about 80 miles it started to leak oil from the sump gasket, not happy, Last Saturday I pulled the engine out swopped the sump gasket with a ford one, put the engine back in, not bad for 4 hours work, So now all running I can carry on with my mods, today’s mod was sort out my old Cortina radiator, found a nice ali one with a built in header tank, Oh I also fitted my roof mounted clock, will put some pics up tomorrow,
  4. that sounds good, have u got any contact detials for him,
  5. hello i am trying to find out some more information on the drag racing turbo diesel mk fiesta, would like to see some more pics, find out the type of spec that it is running, what is done to get more diesel in to allow it to boost and pull as hard as it does, also intrested in seeing any other old school fords running turbo diesel engines and there spec, i am very keen on getting my turbo diesel mk5 cortina up the drag strip but its not quick enough, any help would be cool, thanks
  6. thanks for the feed back, well i was gonna leave it front wheel drive but i have now come up with a completly different ngine to turn it to rear wheel drive, gonna use a mustand 2, 8" rear axle as that are ford 4 stud axle, its gonna get narrowed, all this work started from me just wanting to lover it and fit the exhaust out the back panel, lol i know its not old school but its not far off, and i thought people might like to see what i have been doing before i started my mk5 cortina turbo diesel,
  7. i have 10" avo front shocks with 1000lbs springs each side, and on teh rear i have pro tech shock with 350lbs springs on each side, as for the welding my brother in law does it all for me, he runs a hotrod shop called http://www.wisbech-engineering.co.uk/, we r now fitting a turbo diesel into my brother in laws MK3 fiesta, we r looking at offering things like polsihed rocker covers, inlet manifiolds ect, plus we r just about to build custom timing belt covers, inlet manifolds, and we will so will be able to offer s/s or mild steels flanges for the inlet and exhausts, we r planning on running bigger top mounted turbos, if anyone is intrested let me know and we can go from there, we r also up for making custom engine mounts and other bits and bobs, just P.M me with what u r after then we will get things sorted out for u, thanks for all the good feedback with my car, makes it worth it when others can see where its heading
  8. to be honest i cant really do more than the pics, but i was debateing make a kit for the fronts just dont know if there is enough of a demand out there let me know and i might be able to help u out
  9. cool thanks for the , have u still got the pics of the fiesta and escort, if u have could u let me know cause i cant find anymore of them and really wanna take a better look, could u pm me if u do and i will give u my email addy if u could share them,
  10. got my new tank from rick @ Database Error well thats where is has been left at the minute, i will carry on with it but my daily car needs to be sorted first, plus need money to carry on with the build, next the complete front end is coming out and being sorted, might change the engine to something very different but u will have to wait and see, hope u liked the job i have done so far, comments r always welcome, plus if u have time check out my mk5 cortina turbo diesel, big things will be happening to that over then next few months
  11. Well yesterday I went to the local market/ boot sale and as I was walking around I noticed a few car bits on a stall, as I looked closer I noticed some bonnet pins, so I picked them up, then under some other stuff I spotted some areocatchs, so I picked them up as well I asked how much and they same £40.00 for the two sets I said I would give them £30.00 and the deal was done, Today I started to sort the rest of the fuel system out, first job was to fit the 2nd pump in to the bracket, Then it was onto making the two in to one mounting system, Then once that was to a point I started to figure out my new thermostat housing, More to come tomorrow
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