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  1. RustWidow


    Nice job you're doing there! Good luck!
  2. All I can say is ... scary lol
  3. RustWidow

    Hot rod "Shorty"

    Of course, Muttley being Muttley, he hasn't left it alone - looks nothing like that now! lol Come on - post the new pics hun
  4. RustWidow

    Delilah and me

    Hi everyone, I have finally taken the bit between the teeth and decided to join this forum (hope you guys don't mind a girlie being in on the action!) Some of you may have already met Delilah, she is a 1984 Transit Minibus and we have spent the past year painstakingly re-painting her and doing her interior to change her to a day van. Thanks to my hubby, Andy (aka Muttley) and Dave the painter (DLT Autos) she actually looks ok, but plans are afoot for a re-paint to sort out the remaining rust in her once and for all. Other plans are to make a combined bumper (that I can stand on to reach the top of the windscreen) and bullbar - a little like the australian versions of them. I hope to meet some of you at a meet or two in the future - happy OSFing