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  1. khanlad

    Mk2 Mexico

  2. khanlad


    Welcome to osf
  3. khanlad


    Welcome to osf
  4. khanlad

    Escort duratec

  5. khanlad


    Nice one
  6. khanlad

    Reverse lights and switches

    You should really have two though col, and a swivel type captains chair with your driving ?
  7. khanlad

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    For a couple of plastic bits? People are mad
  8. khanlad

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    I couldnt afford the postage, poor hgv driver that i am....i like to know how stupid people can be though! So spill the beans...
  9. khanlad

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    I need to know the end price now......
  10. khanlad

    Escort duratec

    About time!! Hehe
  11. khanlad

    Suddenly, I'm bursting for one

    Yeah yeah !!!!
  12. khanlad

    Lotus stripes

    Id second that, but each to their own
  13. khanlad

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Youre proper getting into this col, that snotty old box and tina will be well cast aside when the proper car breaks light!
  14. khanlad

    pls go back

    I only have 2 also