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  1. Thats fair enough but its not exactly a long way off? As for change of venue, jesus the moaning about santa pod thats gone on in years past youd think people would welcome the change?
  2. I used grey stripe brushable seem sealer, looks just like factory applied stuff, goes on dead easy and you can paint over it no problem
  3. How does that compare to bookings made around this time for years past? I know numbers have been dropping but wow that seems low?
  4. Ritchewelsh79 seemed to know about it last year, advertised on Definitely still retards club, stop dodging the swear filter!!. Rob meers was organising the english end?
  5. khanlad

    Cant get on

    Mine played up this morning but worked eventually, working now though obviously!
  6. khanlad

    wheres col?

    Perhaps we need to message him each morning, make sure hes ok? Thats what they do with old people, he'll understand if we explain it carefully, slowly and in a loud voice, eventually?
  7. In the interests of fairness, i went to escort tec around the same time too, mark and darran are both nice blokes aswell. Their place is equally wow!
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