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  1. Very samey but with different people, i cant be doing with all the sliding and screaming on the test track, im not remotely interested in most of the expensive shite anyway. I cant really see anywhere else they can go with it that hasnt been done, but ill give it a chance.
  2. Happy birthday mate
  3. Why dont pegs go in straight? Bloody mystery to me
  4. I thought for a first attempt it was pretty good. Some more loo's maybe and a good at un bumping the camping area if thats possible? When we were first shown to the spot to camp it seemed a bit on top of each other but after a few minutes you didnt even notice. You could see most of the track wherever you stood or sat and there seemed to be at least as many trade stands if not more than usuall? I think youve got to give it a chance, ill go again next year if its there.
  5. khanlad

    OSF flag at Spa

    On my way over with a couple of other escorts in the morning, keep a look out for you
  6. A boy can never have enough cossie engines laying around?
  7. All looking very nice
  8. Its been great the last 2 years im gutted i cant make it this year either.
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