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  1. Nightboat to cairo
  2. Looking good fellas see you sunday
  3. It does look very pretty mind you! Do you know what would go nice with that? St170 engine....if only we knew where there was one? Mmmmm
  4. Well you know what they say ....little things, little minds and all!
  5. Ive got a racetec one runs neg coil or ecu, needle swings from the bottom sort of 4 oclock round so it looks proper cool too! Hehe
  6. Got the same as rich, servo to just front and its transformed the brakes feel much stronger. A few people have mentioned the quality of the servos, some better than others, got mine from mgb hive, lockheed something or copy cant remember, but ive noticed the slightest of delay between pressing the pedal and brakes coming on? Its really slight but there, col had dramas with his too and i think hes removed it now?
  7. Beetroot is just wrong full stop! And cucumbers, whats the point in them? Make you burp! Great!
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