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  1. Pop your clogs? Youre too tight to pay the funeral costs!
  2. Well done to you both, sure mrs gerbil, baby gerbil and yourself obviously will be fine!
  3. Gutted but i understand why, shame about all the effort you boys have put in organising it, hopefully you can put it to use for next years? Thanks paul
  4. khanlad

    Corona virus

    Sounds cheap mate?
  5. khanlad

    Corona virus

    Positive from a negative! We're a hardy bunch!
  6. Its just the most amazing place, everywhere you look its just oooo, last i was there they had the sunny, thats something else, looks like a baby GTR, plus a gorgeous chevette thats now done and about, the 2dr jag with an ls motor, a lancia or alfa spider thing with a millington, the murray escort was still in fabrication.
  7. Are they yours in the picture?
  8. It looks like a mini forest arch of some sort? Nice!
  9. I would like to come but my car isnt of the required age, is that still ok?
  10. khanlad


    She looks like a lion in the laying on the roof pic
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