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  1. Does the green man mean a little sick just come out?
  2. Oo you nasty bugger and here was me only just saying id keep an eye on the old tina snotter for you.....yeah kids, get on the roof, better view up there.....ill learn ya!
  3. I think for the first go at mallory it wasnt that bad, lets be honest its never going to be perfect. Ive been going to classic ford for a fair few years and yeah, its a bit samey. From memory its always been 1st week in june so being near the lakes i dont know? Theres only a small window for fitting in all these shows in the summer. Unfortunately some things will clash although its not really a clash its just near to? The track was something a bit different instead of the strip, again people will have preferences. Most people on here communicate with others on the forum almost daily, how nice to stand face to face and speak, like the old fashioned way? I dont think you can blame mallory or classic ford for the weather, thats a bit unfair, and lets remember the constant moaning about santa pod! I think that if youre not going go and support the show aimed towards old fords, stop your moaning about the invasion of plastic. It costs money to hold these events, somewhere there will be a calculation of numbers it needed to make it viable, if old fords alone cannot satisfy those numbers its got to opened up to newer cars to get them?
  4. That was most pleasant with running streams both sides!
  5. No3 isnt that a plymouth superbird like mr the king strip weathers in cars?
  6. My point is ford copy from ebay or bit of metal they arent the proper tags so why does it matter? Its obviously not an original car so what ever youre buying youre buying on what its like not what it is? 20k probably is too much but in tbis crazy world who knows?
  7. In these days that you can buy ford vin tags and have them stamped whats the difference?
  8. They are very sinilar to 924 wheels too
  9. Ive got wilwoods and ive had no problems with mine
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