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  1. khanlad

    Cant get on

    Mine played up this morning but worked eventually, working now though obviously!
  2. khanlad

    wheres col?

    Perhaps we need to message him each morning, make sure hes ok? Thats what they do with old people, he'll understand if we explain it carefully, slowly and in a loud voice, eventually?
  3. khanlad

    Hello from Wigan

    Welcome to osf
  4. khanlad

    WANTED Escort MK1 Clutch Kit

    In the interests of fairness, i went to escort tec around the same time too, mark and darran are both nice blokes aswell. Their place is equally wow!
  5. khanlad

    WANTED Escort MK1 Clutch Kit

    He is a proper nice bloke, i was up there about 3 years ago, dont know if its changed much or at all since then but its a wow place!
  6. khanlad

    Mk 1 project

    I approve, ( obviously mine is the only opinion that counts) hehe
  7. khanlad

    Mk2 Cortina 1300 Deluxe 1970

    Where would be the fun if it ran faultlessly?
  8. khanlad

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

    Well the entertainment is booked, You! ..... just need a bloody translator now and were double sorted!
  9. khanlad

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

  10. khanlad

    Something strange with this dash?

    Ive since looked and its nothing like one...so i retract that statement! Everyday is a learning day col...
  11. khanlad

    Something strange with this dash?

    It looks a bit mgb-ish the rev counter, ? Or is that rootes group?
  12. khanlad

    Hi from.southern.ireland

    Welcome to osf, liking the festa
  13. khanlad

    Mk 1 project

    Looks superb, nice one, im with the bumpers on crowd, but each to their own
  14. khanlad

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    I report them as soon as i see them, always same items , same bollox written, didnt someone off here email asking if a rs 2 could tow a caravan or something? I love to waste their time a bit but havent got the time.
  15. khanlad

    Pure Ford or Rally Day for 2019

    Id do rally day again, the others that came last year would too, best show of the year