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  1. Cut out the bacon? What!
  2. Is it just me thinking thats a different car with same plates ?
  3. Sure they said about 6 weeks to me the other day but i struggle with things said before dinner time so god knows!
  4. Mine went onto the bumper holes too
  5. Is there any camping on site or anything like that nearby?
  6. Move it around? Youll have to stick the scorts outside to get all that lot in!
  7. khanlad


    Its the law
  8. khanlad


    Now im intrigued?
  9. Ive seen your driving style, you animal! Your 200 is na, it needs revs and you dropping the clutch like an on/off switch is not very helpfull! Mines never been rolling roaded in escort, but the saph it came from was making 331hp and 310ft torque from memory. Theres no question an atlas is a stronger axle than an english, but its way heavier and if you have the english already and it will work why change?
  10. Motor is making about 300 and a bit hp, i dont go round dropping the clutch left right and centre but it does get used hard. From what ive read the turbo set up is a little kinder on any axle as the power comes in a little gentler to start with before the boost winds it up? When i built the car it was going to be a temporary thing until i went atlas but its 4 years later now and still doing its job so it can stay.
  11. Ive got an english with a quaife atb and 3j half shafts.
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