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  1. Agreed, I would insure it for 35k without hesitation. Put it this way, would you sell it for 20k??? Interesting that you have to give the insurance company a breakdown of spec at £20k though. I insure most of my classics at 20k even if they are worth less as Hagerty dont ask for photos or anything up to 20k. Plus they will cover it if its parked on a driveway up to 20k which many companies dont touch.
  2. That will keep you busy over the winter! Look forward to more updates 👍
  3. I have seen that silver MK1 Granny about I think. Is the drivers side rear door stuffed in on it?
  4. Its one of Fords "Grabber" colours (or should I say colors), that was offered of performance models, much like the RS colours and they were quite similar as well Like: Grabber Green - Modena Grabber Blue - Monza Grabber Orange - Vista Grabber Yellow - Daytona Grabber Lime - Monaco Grabber Light Blue - Olympic As for the hinges, they are more like a modern car hinge, not just a pin through two bits of metal like the Escorts etc. They are more robust, but they can still drop!
  5. Do you get kia's over there? They are making some decent cars, on par with the Japs now.
  6. Dont know of any lists, but Blue Mink was an early blue as was Lagoon Blue
  7. So, has you prop got a slip joint along its length somewhere? And what made you go that route out of interest?
  8. So, it looks like the housing was cut and shortened and the selector shaft shortened also??? Makes sense! Whats going on with the output shaft? Looks akin to the MT75 flange???
  9. It did feel quick back in the day, I remember chasing a brand new Audi UR Quattro down the north circular lol. But I think the sound made it seem faster than it was.
  10. You would think so lol. But it was Northolt, West London. EVERYONE seem to own a Ford back then, much like VAG now I suppose! I know I used to get a lot of private work back then because of it. My parents driveway always had an old Ford jacked up on it at the weekend 👍
  11. In hindsight, he should have bought it! I think he always regretted it as he occasionally mentions it still when we get talking about Escorts 😄
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