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  1. I would be converting it first personally, and as long as you have the original countries reg doc or a dating letter from Ford then you will get an age related plate. If you register it as LHD and then you try to change the detail with the DVLA later, that's when you may get into problems. Just sort it out now, because everything mentioned in this thread, has been put on hold until May 2018 so you have time to sort it. This also goes for the MOT. When you create a new record on the system (by chassis number), as well as asking for the country of origin, I think it also asks if its LHD or RHD (I should remember this by now as I have done a few), might be worth you doing a dummy run without saving the record as my brain has gone blank But if you do register is as LHD it does not show on the V5 or MOT, so its just for the DVSA/DVLA records!
  2. The AA at the end just shows it is either a 1.1 or 1.3 block From memory the 1.1 & 1.3 shared the same block but were stroked differently internally I think you will find it hard to find a definitive answer on internal part numbers, because most people binned the 1.1 & 1.3 in favour of the 1.6! So there's more info on 1.6's than you could wave a stick at
  3. If it is a 1.1 then it will be from a MK1 or MK2 Escort What are the letters on the block after 711?
  4. That's a bit ridiculous to a Brit as Cockatoos sell for a small fortune in the pet trade over here, and Magpies are bloody everywhere! I always wanted a Moluccan. Dont think you get them in Oz??
  5. Convert it first When you fill in a V55 to register it you have to declare whether or not its left or right hand drive! You could just tick the RHD box, but if they decide to inspect the car then you will have some explaining to do. (if they do inspect, they only inspect the chassis number, not condition or state of any work). In my experience of yanks that I have registered in recent years I have never had a single inspection (the last one I did was about 2 weeks ago), but I hear they inspect around 10% of imported registrations, but personally I dont reckon its that high
  6. Quite possibly, but the same pics are on the Turbo Sport, rally sport escorts forums and probably all over Faceache as well
  7. I'll think Ill wait a few years, when its re-advertised as the only signal orange RS1800 ever made I nearly spat my drink all over my laptop when I read this quote: "On Irish plates, but former UK car showing 5861 miles on the clock which from the condition of the car I believe to be genuine" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Ford-Escort-Mk-2/332433738154?hash=item4d669849aa:g:RJ0AAOSwOtJZ3Rcv I mean, are these cars being sold by utter cnuts, or do they just think we are cnuts ?????
  8. Oh, and that mangled Orange 1600 Sport, has morphed itself into an RS2000 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-RS2000-Custom-Mk2-ROTTEN-SHELL/253236019029?hash=item3af60aff55:g:41oAAOSwK~RZ-NUY
  9. Thats the best bit of my MK2, the rest of it is shit
  10. I had an identical one, that was just as mint with 20k miles back in the 80's, sold that for less than £4k around 1987 lol Looking at those pics brings back some memories
  11. Father Christmas just bought me this
  12. I wouldnt mind talking to you about other makes in SA. Where about's are you? you website doesnt seem to work! Al
  13. Has plenty of features for a road car, and can be configured to run pretty much any amount of cylinders. I have the K6 on my VR6 Turbo, and does the job well enough
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