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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, Could anyone help please? Looking to get my first mk1 and have seen this advertised and would appreciate any thoughts from you guys. http://www.autobarnsports.com/showroom/detail/?stockID=8 Things like what's the difference between the 1600gt and the Mexico, does it look like good value etc... Thanks Andy
  2. Hi all, Ive not been here for some time but, but i still have my escort and its almost ready to use again! However I need a full 2 1/4” exhaust system including manifold, its a 2l pinto RHD. Problem is I cant seem to find anything that fits the bill on review/cost. I have seen a lot of the ‘Sportex’ systems for not a lot of money but reviews dont seem great. I spoke to Janspeed need a minimum order quantity that they dont think they will get this year. I also spoke to ashley who can supply a stainless 2 1/4 system and mani for ~£700 which i thought was good but again review seem to knock them for quality and poor fit. So im a little lost right now! Does anyone have any advice they could offer - im looking to spend as above, around £700... Thanks in advance! Joe
  3. In 2012 i bought a le mans green 2.0 mk1. In a barn outside Zagreb originally from germany. 2 door. Rock solid with 2.0 pinto. Grand sum of 1000 pounds. I now live in croatia and decided i wanted an RS replica. Well the originals a fortune. Since then i have spent 16k on parts and its still not turned a wheel. I have spent the last 5 years in kuwait so have had no real time to work on it. I finally found recaros for it so had the front and back seats redone by Alldrige trimming in dark brown beta cloth. European 6 dial dash. Yes i bought the wrong one first time round. Had the car professionally polished and stripes added. Team dynamic 15" alloys and loads more performace parts. I have now embarked on an engine rebuild. Again performance parts. Originally i have stayed with original arch but now decided bubble arch. Hey why not. So they are in the post from Germany. The one and only missing part now is a good back end. English with slipper. Preferably a 2.8s rear end. We will wait and see. So attached are a few photos. Any questions welcomed.
  4. I used to own a 1972 blue mk1 Escort Estate (SWC 547K). I sold it long ago and I was wondering where it is now? I once saw a photo of it being displayed at the Battlesbridge car show in Essex with an 'Old Skool Ford' sun visor sticker, not sure what year but getting on for 5 years ago. It had a roof rack fitted and the bodywork had been sanded down to make it look a bit rough and ready. Would love to know what happened to it. It's SORN, but hopefully it's still about somewhere!
  5. Dear All, 5 years ago I bought 2 Escort MK1's with the intention of restoring them, however due to other commitments along the years I never started these projects. Fast-forward to this year, I went through some life changing situations and decided that My Escorts should be sold and sent to a new home where they hopefully will be restored as they deserve to be! I have one 1969 2 door Model with Round Headlamps and RS Front Wings - 1298cc Cross Flow Engine Car has some usual rusted parts such as front floorboards and pillars, but all the body panels that require replacement are included with the car itself. Apart from the mentioned areas, the car is found to be in a very good condition thus it makes a great solid base for a restoration. Most parts are still with the car and only few bits are missing. For more detailed view of the car please follow the below link to view the pictures. 1969 Escort Mk1 1300cc Pictures (Click to View) The other Escort is a Late 1974 2 Door Model with Squared Headlamps and standard front Wings - Car used to have a fitted Toyota 1498cc Turbo 1N Diesel engine, nut I got rid of this engine and Purchased a 1998cc Pinto Engine for this car. Car has some usual rusted parts such as front floorboards and pillars, also It has some rust under the right bonnet hinge. Apart from the mentioned areas, the car is found to be in a very good condition thus it makes a great solid base for a restoration. Most parts are still with the car and only few bits are missing. The Car comes with the following upgraded parts Rear Capri Seat GT dashboard Front Half quarter Bumpers Sierra 5 Speed Box Front Escort MK5 Seats Mini Light Alloy Wheels Front Adjustable Suspensions Front Disc Brakes Capri Power Break servo 1974 Escort MK1 2000cc Pictures (Click to View) Furthermore to the above Mentioned I also have loads of spares to go with these cars which will certainly facilitate the restoration process for the new owner. These parts are : Engine Related 1300cc 711M Extra Engine 1100cc 681F Block Extra Engine 1300cc +0090 711M Extra Engine (Freshly Built Never Started) - 711M Block - Freshly Faced Block and head - Freshly Cut Valve Seatings - New Phosphor Bronze valve guides - Ported Head - Lightend Flywheel - Polished Connecting Rods - Polished Crankshaft - New Main and Big End Bearings - New Original Ford Piston Rings +0090 - New Gaskets and seals all round - New Clutch - New Oil Pump - Kent 244 Camshaft - Duplex timing sprocket - New timing Chain - Kent Double Springs - New Burton Big Racing Valves - New UFI Oil Filter 4in1 Manifold Quaife Quick Steering Rack Extra prop Shafts 1600cc Gearbox Extra Carbs 6x 1100cc Conrod Sets 2x 1600cc Conrod Sets Extra Fan And Radiator Several Front Windscreens Several Rear Windscreens Several Front windows Several Rear windows Extra pair of Standard Wings 1x Extra RS Style Wing Extra Passenger Side Door Extra Original Bonnet Extra Original Boot Many FORD + Escort Badges A pair of genuine Ford Oval badges Extra pair of Squared Headlamps 2x Extra rear tail lamps 2x Squared headlamp front grille 2x Round headlamp front grille Extra Front And Rear Bumpers Set of 4x Wolfrace Wheels 2x Sets of 8x MAS Fiat light weight alloy wheels PCD108 I've tried to mention most of the parts however the list of parts is impossible to remember, anyways I'll promise to hand over all of the related escort/ford parts to the new owner as I don't need them anymore. My intention is to sell these two cars as a lot with the inclusion of all the parts I have mentioned above. Kindly note that the cars are situated in Malta and I willing to sell them overseas with the new owner taking care of any additional shipment cost. I know how rare most parts are nowadays and knowing that both cars have a good solid base I am looking to sell the car and parts lot at the price of : £25,000! Please do not hesitate to ask for questions should anything is unclear. I'd prefer to be contacted on my phone (Whats App or Call) rather than private message on the site as I am usually with limited internet connection. Name : Gary Grech Contact number : +00356 79391538 Please no time wasters and scammers! Thanks for Viewing!! Regards, Gary Grech
  6. hi, as the summer has arrived, i thought i would start to advertise my freshly-renovated mk1 transit for sale! its a 1976 model, with the 2.3 v4 petrol engine in. these are well known for being bullet proof, and will run forever! over the last few months hours have gone into bringing it back to its former glory. its had very little welding needed, i have never seen such a solid ford in my life! anyway what welding was needed, arches etc, was done by the previous owner who ran a bodyshop. the van was then stripped down and had a full respray from top to bottom, inside and out. ermine white on top and oylimpic blue down below- realy looks the part! the van was then put back together again. a new windscreen rubber and chrome insert has been fitted by a professional. the side and rear glass have good rubbers. the fibreglass top has a brand new rubber. the skylight also has a brand new blue-tint window; throws in a lot of light. the rear floor has been boarded and the whole van has a new carpet and new ali thresholds. the cab has seating for 3 people (seats are a little grubby and would benefit from seat covers). the front and rear door cards are covered with a new fabric, to match the colour scheme. the rear paneling has also been covered with thick foam covered in this fabric, for insulation and comfort. the rear of the van has had bespoke furniture fitted; a unit which contains a gas hob and sink. the cupboard below contains a gas bottle, cutlery rack,a few pots and pans. the two seating units have lids, and boast ample storage. these also have cushions what, when used with the middle board, create a fairly large bed. (cushions are in good condition, but i have brought loads of sofa fabric, to match the door cards, so these can be re-covered). the units have all been sprayed ermine white high-gloss to match the exterior colour. i do also have a fridge which comes with it, but not fitted. the units are all easily removable if you need an empty space. under the van, there is a water tank for the sink, although i havent got around to plumbing the sink in (just needs some new hose and a couple of jubilee clips). the top is very easy to pop, single-handed, and there is a hammock that sleeps one in this space. mechanically the van runs and drives lovely! i have driven it around the farm and it starts, stops, idles well. the wheels have all been re-furbed, and the front two tyres are new and haven't seen a road yet. i have a folder containing lots of paperwork with the transit, some history, lots of receipts, owners booklets, and owners manuals etc. i have the v5 in my name. i have an extensive photo collection showing all the hard work thats gone into it. being a 1976 model, this will benefit from being mot exempt by the end of this month. it already is tax exempt and registered as a historical vehicle. i haven't quite finished for the new owner yet; but thought i would advertise early in case the potential new owner wanted me to make any changes or further customisation to the interior etc. this is whats left for me to do (will be completed over the coming couple of weeks) ; fit new front indicators (old ones are cracked and i have ordered a new set). fit new door rubbers all round (i have just ordered brand new ones for all 4 doors). my mechanic is lined up to service the engine, check all electrics (i don't think the horns and all the lights are hooked up yet), and to MOT the transit. if you are interested then don't hesitate to email me, i can only post a few photos but have more to email over. to recap, it will be sold with mot, in fully working order, freshly restored. please note there is no radio currently fitted, although i have gone to the liberty of fitting a brand new chrome aerial ready. so if you want a camper thats rock solid, has only had minor welding in its 42 years! and has been restored sympathetically yet also equipped for modern living/camping, stands out from the crowd, and is a bit different then this is the one for you! these are rarer than hens teeth, and you will have more attention around this than a vdub split-screen! £12000 offers welcome. many thanks, matt
  7. Hi guys, good to be here and introduce myself to this forum. Recently acquired '69 Capri MK1 3000GT & '69 Consul Corsair 3000 V6 Savage and hoping to get some info on where to source parts and repairs. Any connections welcome. Thanks. Phillip
  8. Hey folks, I'm looking to purchase any of the above and i'm struggling to locate one. Anyone out there know of anything going? Cheers.
  9. Hi, anyone got a complete 6 dial dash backing panel they would be willing to part with for suitable payment? Thanks, Russell
  10. i am after a genuine ford escort mk1 bonnet to fit a 1973 model. I do not mind what colour the bonnet is as long as it is in very good condition. I am from the stoke area but I will travel if needs be. Steve
  11. Hi guys, I am after a rear anti roll bar to fit an atlas axle. Any should do although off a 2.8 is preferred. It's for my Mk1 pre facelift that I've fitted a new axle with lsd in but the axle is from a facelift not pre facelift and so uses a rear anti roll bar as apposed to anti tramp bars that mine was using. I'm guessing that a rear anti roll bar should bolt straight up to this axle and the location points on my chassis should be the same? Because of this I will also need the U clamps to secure it to the axle. Thanks! Luke
  12. MK1 ESCORT RS1600 BDA AIRBOX ORIGINAL (rare as rocking horse *$@*) MK1 MEXCO /MK2 RS1800 STEEL RIMS X5 Some other small parts I will list when I have time sensible offers, im in no hurry ! Pics will follow
  13. Hi Guys, A year or two ago I bought a mk1 shell for restoration. Its a 2 door shell, structurally solid but needs lots of bodywork done, we bought all the panels we needed at the time: from memory we had the floor, both outer wings, light holders, floor rails, mexico front panel, radiator support panel, A post repair panel. It also has fibreglass bubble arches, has been fully tubbed, and has a roll-cage. It comes with a rear atlas axle (or maybe an english axle) with a 4 link-kit, and an original race 7-11M 1.3L engine to go with it. The car is tax exempt and comes with a log book. Anyone interested in buying it? Seems a shame to waste it as I have been storing it for almost 2 years now and haven't managed to get around to working on it. Let me know what people would offer for it or how much genuine interest people would have, thanks very much James
  14. Well I bought another car. I finally own a Mk1 Escort. It is a 1972 MK1 XL 4 door. I purchased it site unseen on Gumtree and flew from Brisbane to Newcastle (Australia) and made the 10 hour journey home in the new purchase. Luckily the car was as described and apart from a very slow leak in a rear Tyre and a wheel bearing with a bit of a rumble by the 8th hour it didn't miss a beat! The car is a 4 door which some people aren't a fan of, but personally I am pretty happy with the purchase. It is basically rust free (Few bubbles from poor paint prep in the rain channels and a 5c piece sized bubble on a rear wheel arch is about all I could find. The paint is a home job and has some runs as well as a weird sort of reaction on the passenger side front door where there might be some bog that reacted to the paint??? But it is a presentable car and will be driven hard not looked at. 2 Litre Pinto engine 4 speed single rail box Lowered 2 inches on HD front springs and blocks in the rear MK2 2L front brakes AutoTechnica Bucket seats which are Mod Plated (These will be going promptly to be replaced by the cobra low backs from my Cortina) 2 Piece Roh 16" wheels (These have already been removed and replaced by the Superlites from my Cortina) The plan is to swap the 45 DCOE's from my Mk2 Cortina and then the Cortina will be for sale (Feel free to make an offer however I am in Australia), Re-make the alloy dash panels which are pretty rough, matching switch gear, put the cobra bucket seats in, fit Speedhut GPS speedo and quad gauge into the stock 2 dial dash, re-locate oil and gen warning lights to the switch panel in big LED's, Paint bumpers black (The qtr bumpers are glass so Chrome is out), De-chrome the wheel arches, fit a bigger more practical steering wheel that allows me to see how fast I am travelling, replace the cheesy led indicators on the front with some stock ones, Convert to round headlights and then pretty much drive the wheels off it! Oh and I also swapped the stereo from the Cortina into it which sounds much better. Anyway here are a few pics. Some from the advertisement. I took this one just before we jumped in it for the drive home I am quite bad at remembering to take photos but here are a couple when I got it home. Unfortunately I had to travel back to work for 2 weeks so I will have an update when I am back home. Nick
  15. Hi guys my name is Michael and at last have my very own osf. Alot of you will already know me as my dad is Paul Mags and I go and help out at the osfdc. Also here's a picture of my 1983 Mk1 Fiesta before it will be transformed.
  16. Hi there, Looking for a Mk1, preferably 2 door but that depends how far the budget will stretch. Not looking for anything concourse, Just something I can use in the nicer weather. Preferably a decent shell that may need some engine tinkering or interior work. Or maybe something that just needs a good bit of simple loving. Not after a real mexico or rs2000 or anything like that. Just something tidy-ish that I can tinker with and enjoy. If anyone has anything that may work then please send me a message. Thanks in advance, Andy
  17. Hi all I am looking for a mk2 escort, possibly a mk1. 2 door only. My budget is around 10k. Can anyone help? Thanks Woz
  18. I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem with my 205 block pinto conversion into a mk1 mex? the engine and box are in (the hard bit!),but when the rs2000 4 branch manifold was offered up the down pipe is fouling the knuckle on the steering column and much 2 close to the rubber contained inside! I assume I have purchased the correct manifold,i wonder if there is something I am missing here,if any one could advise me I would appreciate it. mexico1965
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