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Unexpected Cmpodding!

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I think you dealt with my random appearnce this morning quite well! Cheers for the geography lesson! Found it! And got the job done in one day too! Chers for that.


And of course, ta for the mag! :D




No problem randomly appearing man! Just don;t start turning up at the office everytime there's a new issue just cus you can't be arsed to go to the shops though! I know your game.... :D

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I'm a land surveyor, i had to carry out a full survey on a pre-school. It;s being demolished (they're off to better premesis) so the prospective buyer needs to know how the land lies and where sevices/building/roads etc are.


Sounds dull, but its quite interesting.....if you like that sort of thing!


Cheers again though. I would have never found it without the info. It really was in the back of beyond! :shock:



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