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Im not quite sure if its classed as an old skool ford because its too old :lol:


But here are some pics of my dads 1955 ford consul mk1

Been in the family since new in 1955

1500cc engine, various small mods like overdrive braided brake lines etc.

Was bought by my dad in 1992 when his great uncle(the original owner) died.

Its was in fairly bad condition when he got it but soon got it fully restored and resprayed.


It has Only covered 38,812 miles from new


Heres some recent pics






@ ace cafe







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looks lovely m8 proper osf :mrgreen:

one family from new!! whats the plans

with the other one ??


Cheers for the comments


The other one is owned by a bloke we bumped into at a show when we were in the consul, he plans to restore it but its been off the road since about 1992 and i cant really see him doing it cos it looks like too much work.

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On 21/11/2007 at 21:44, jimrobson said:

Nope, both are genuine VKL 27 still exists somewhere aswell.

Just to let you know, I saw VKL 27 today in Whitstable. She’s still going strong and looks immaculate

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