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anyone with a mk3 fezza........HELP PLEASE

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right the anglebox has mk3 fiesta calipers finally got the right pads but how the fook does the fitting spring thing go in


its 1.1 spec and i could do with either a clear picture of your caliper and pads on the car or a clear picture/scan of a haynes diagram






thankyouplease :D

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Fit the bottom peice of the spring in the hole with the "curly" bit around the brake pad carrier , then put the other end of the spring into the top hole and use a lever / screwdriver to fit the top "curly" bit to the top of the carrier.

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Here you go best i could find at short notice :thumbsup:




Fook me there tasty disks,me want :thumbsup:


And Sam,i got a fella comming over tomorrow with a mk3 fezz 1.1,i sold him some wheels and he paid me to fit 'em (he no good with cars :roll: )

I'll get a pic while the wheel is off if you still need ?

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