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the most sought after rs is slowly being restored after many years of hiding :thumbsup::thumbsup:





PNO 672R pic taken some months back. Door and nose-cone are recently fitted items hence wrong striping and lack of door-mirror. At present its in the process of having the roof cut-off after removal of the vinyl roof showed several holes from the badly fitted sunroof!!!!


see here for the thread

http://www.thetvlounge.co.uk/profession ... c.php?t=45

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Tut Tut :roll:


how can you not know the professionals! what id give for that bit of motoring history, placed only number two in my books to madmax's interceptor!!! :thumbsup:


seriously tho, be nice to have it brought back upto scratch tho, and yes i seem to remeber reading somewhere that in the first series it didnt have a sunroof then in the next it had one lol.


anyway nice to see its getting done!!!

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i owned that lookalike rs2 at the trackday, it was a gen ex

merseyside traffic police car! i sold it complete for £500 :shock:

+ now its been rallied (no sun roof) prob to death :sad::sad:

nice to see the real thing coming back to life, cant wait to see it

finished :mrgreen:

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