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mk1 escort 1100 4 door

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  • 2 weeks later...

Im back at uni and I decided to bring my brakes up here with me. I got chatting to a few people in the workshop here and they were really interested in the escort so I thought Id ask if I could use a lathe to try and make some new pistons for the calipers. Luckily they said yes so I thought I may as well give it a go.


I thought Id do it properly and put what Ive learned here this year to the test. They're made from stainless and cost £15 for the material, but I did buy a bit too much just in case something went wrong.


I measured the old pistons and made a CAD model. Then I made a drawing with all the dimensions so that it would be easier for me to see what I was doing.















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  • 3 weeks later...

Car's in for paint so hopefully will be back within the next couple of weeks


I cleaned and painted the calipers and put the new pistons and seals in...I just hope they actually work!







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  • 2 weeks later...

With the car gone Its given me a bit of time to clean and paint a few bits and Ive re built the engine with new bearing shells, new gaskets and a kent bcf3 cam. I got a new rocker cover and 4 branch manifold so its all ready to go in as soon as the car comes back!














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I got the car back this evening and its spot on! Heres just a few pics quickly taken as it started to rain so I had to put it away but Ill get some better ones up tomorrow because these dont do it justice











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Looks lovely mate, i heard from Simon down at the garage (Anerly crash repairs) that he had your motor in there top blokes down there and they do a top job.


This car is going to be a real credit to you all that hard work has payed off hey.


just the refitting now then . . .

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  • 2 months later...

Nearly there! It's all put back together and pretty much done. Interior is standard for the time being which is a bit of a shame cos the rest of the cars so mint but that can easily be changed at a later date. Been round the block and its quality, so good to finally drive it (and loud, I made my own exhaust system), but the brakes are still a bit spongy. Theres a few little jobs to do...here are some pics











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Youve done an excellent job mate this car is mint i love it, i want a set of them wheels now lol :D


would love to meet up sometime and have a chat and a cruise in the oldskool motors give me a PM as im pretty sure youre local to me we can always go to the meets in convoy to.




well done the car should be a real credit to you :thumbsup:

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  • 2 months later...
  • 2 months later...

Just an update. Ive been at uni since september so nothings really been done to the escort. Ive got new brake lines and unions and Ive fitted new slave cylinders to the rear drums but thats about all thats been done.


I picked up a 1300 xflow from a mk2 escort banger racer, the car was in such a state! And to be honest, so was the engine. Got it home and took the head off it and it looked quite promising. Its got double valve springs, loads of porting, they're huge and bigger valves. 34mm exhaust and 40.1mm inlet. But...after cleaning it all up theres 3 long cracks in the head. Also, I think the valves have been hitting the pistons because all of them look like this:





I havnt taken it apart anymore but Im presuming because of all the head work and the fact that the pistons look like that, it must have a lairy cam.


Anyway, I'll keep the valves and the head was good to use for a template. I bought these R6 carbs and Ive made a start on a manifold for them:













I made this engine breather on the lathe as well:




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  • 1 year later...

Not posted on here for a while. No money = no work on the escort!


I went to my first meet at boxhill a few weeks ago though. Great to finally get out in it after all the work and time being off the road. Some good roads round there!





Out of boredom I decided to take the 1300 xflow apart that I picked up over a year ago now. I took the head off ages ago but the bottom ends just been sitting in the corner of the garage. The crank looks like its been balanced and it had a 234 cam in it as well.


While I was away the old man picked up a 1600 that had come out of a boat. Its still got all the marine gear stuck on it. I got back and had a look at it but it's really old....2737E? Is it worth rebuilding?


Didn't want to get a gas bottle from BOC again as I was only doing a bit of welding so tried a disposable one from machine mart....waste of time! Also tried gasless welding wire.....waste of time! Here's the result...




Also having a few troubles with the car. Ive got 7" wide wheels and I've seen loads of escorts with them, but I cant have anyone in the back or they rub. I've folded up the lips on the arches as well but still no good. How do others get away with it? Shorter axle?


Drivers side front dampers gone as well so new dampers all round is next on the shopping list. Which would you recommend for a reasonable price?


Does anyone know much about BDH engines? Did Cosworth actually make them or have they just been created along the way using 1300 xflow and BDA head?


Any info would be great thanks

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The cosworth BDH does exist, they were made specially by cosworth for racing and made around 190bhp. Great engine and rev like chuff. I now of a guy in derby that has a couple that he used to use in a grass track mini in the 70s & 80s but as of yet I cant get him to sell me one :(

Have a look on John Wilcox’s engines; he builds them but there a bit pricey

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