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Rover V8 into mk5 Cortina 2 door

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Im currently putting a rover v8 into my mk5 2 door (with the help of some very skilled friends :-))


I have pics - will be adding them shortly


On saturday morning i took delivery of a 2 door mk5 cortina - lovely straight shell - will require some inner wings, sills touching up and a bit of bodywork but nothing too major)100_4099.jpg


Pictured next to the engine donor ('57 consul)



3.5 Rover V8, 3.9 standard profile cams, Holley 4 barrel, Edelbrock manifold, mgc block huggers100_4136.jpg


After lunch the engine, box and prop came out



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Its been reasonably straight forward in terms of modifications:

Engine before we got the rubbish out of the way, some temporarily, some forever!



Without battery, heater, washer motor cover, alarm(?!) and some wiring



Malc grinding off the old engine mounts




Drilling out the spot welds to move battery to boot



If only those holes would disappear...



Magic Malc to the rescue...



Still got to clean, prep and paint engine bay and crossmember


Bulkhead, we havent touched


Heater box, we cut off the area that was sticking out over the engine bay (only about 1" at widest point)


Made an ally panel to be welded in tomorrow - will add pics


(Will spray it when i do the engine bay later this week)


Moved the battery and tray to the boot (long job getting tray off! dont know if its essential but will give more working room and look tidier)


Cut off old engine mounts and welded/ground flush to crossmember ready for new mounts to be made


Tomorrow we will cut out part of the slam panel and area behind the rad as the rover front pulley almost reaches that point and we still have to fit rad in front - hopefully it should just about fit between chassis rails (according to mr. tape measure)


Going on measurements we can do all this leaving the front part of original slam panel intact and will fabricate some box section to go across the front for strength and smooth it in for a more factory look


The top of the slam panel we are going to make removeable for easier removal/installation of engine and box together


Its going in tomorrow with the box attached but without drivers side manifold, so we can make up the mounts and gearbox crossmember, and check how much clearance we need for the manifold around steering column and footwell etc.


We may well have to notch into the drivers footwell a little bit (its an auto so wont interfere with pedals etc) to save having to 'squash' the pipe to get it to clear the big starter motor and then duck under the footwell.


Engine and box then coming out once this has been established and mounts have all been made so the manifold/downpipes can be made to fit.


I'll also clean paint the engine bay and crossmember at this point before refitting the engine for the long term.


Tomorrow we're hoping to get the v8 out of the consul (took Malc 5 hours to put it in!) and get it in place in the cortina - going to work at 3pm so gonna get as far as poss in the time - will post progress and pics tomorrow very late at night... :-)

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Lotusless, im still after one if you know of any going now or in the future, cheers :-)


Well today after a bit of pushing cars around (working on a drive) we got started.


The lovely 'soon to be 2 doored and space framed' consul engine donor :wink:100_4177.jpg



By the time i built the new engine hoist Malc had got the front of the consul dismantled, disconnected/unbolted everything and we were ready to take the lot out. And it rained plenty




Gonna need the front end of that prop



Its never been run but I already love this engine :-) got a borg warner 66 (jag) on the back100_4184.jpg


Malcs skills on display - love the bulkhead work (my wife really does think im a geek!)



Moved the loom from front of car, took out leccy ignition and gubbins, got old fuel line out of the way, removed steering column, then put back when we had to roll the car around



Corners of the slam panel/front inner wings completely shot so sawed just on the good side of the rust and removed the lights/slam panel support pillars.



With pillars removed and ground down you'd hardly know they'd ever been there :-)



As it is we will prob be removing most of whats behind the valance anyway but.... best to leave it lookin nice for now :-)


Getting this combo in together was interesting, even having removed the slam panel



Was just a case of inching it in, inching it down, pulling car forward, freeing car when crossmember got jammed on hoists legs, inching it in etc etc



Then there was a fair bit of under the car, jacking the back of the box up, pushing the engine to get sump past crossmember, jacking and twisting plus pushing to get the gearbox between the old mounts etc etc......


Finally...... she was in....:-)





Slam panel design, rad fitting and front end strengthening discussions are ongoing and will be tackled friday (next day ive got any spare time!)



We thought the biggest nightmare would be the headers clearing the starter motor, steering column and getting the downpipe under the floor.

BUT, with MGC block huggers, check out the clearance on each side!




Ok, so the engine isnt fixed in place so the clearance may vary ultimately from those pics but you get the idea... theres plenty of space!


On friday we can also properly position the engine and box (currently on blocks) and make the engine/gearbox mounts, take it out again and i can clean and paint the engine bay before refitting.


Other little jobs done today like removing old exhaust and auto gearshift (B&M beauty ready to go in - pics next time)


Still to come.... Volvo axle, 4 pot fronts (volvo again leaving me with 5 stud wheel options but which ones!!??!!)




A mixture of searing sunshine and miserable rain - The rain didnt matter - We were putting a v8 in my cortina!! :-)


Thanks again to Malcolm for his skills, time, ideas and enthusiasm


Another massively satisfying day :-)


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Had to work today but got a call from Malc this afternoon to say he couldnt resist having a little play. He had cut away a lot of the metal behind the valance, ground it all smooth, test fitted the rad and was able to get it in roughly the right position.


I think it will need a tiny bit of modding to the valance as my rad is very tall but we had been discussing a few valance metalwork mods so it might all tie together nicely.


Friday is next day i have free so more pics and update by the weekend

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Time to remodel the front valance....



The rad is very tall (should keep it cool enough) and just fits between the chassis rails but the height meant that to get it below the slam panel, all the metalwork behind the valance was cut away




The rad was mounted to some homemade mounts under the slam panel accessed by the original holes in the slam panel100_4236.jpg



It was hard to get a decent pic in the sunlight


To strengthen up the front end we got some (3) sections of box cut to fit to be welded in as per pic going across the front




Car now up on stands for gearbox and engine mounts to be made next week ( got the metal today)





Also waiting on arrival of volvo rear axle to replace this....



More work next week. Starting on the wagon tomorrow (working on it at weekends - very patient wife :-))

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Well, I only had use of a friends drive for 10 days!


Car is coming back to my place today so heres the update from over the weekend...


One of the old engine mounts, cut down and tacked onto some thick sheet to test fit position in the car, then taken out and fully welded on








This is the other side in place in the car





The plates holding the mounts were bolted into place first then welded. I'll remove the bolts.








The engine will be coming out again tomorrow so that we can remove the old gearbox mounts which are very slightly fouling on the Borg Warner box and pulling the rear of the engine very slightly to the right.






When the engine and box are out I can also get in and clean/paint the engine bay and crossmember. It looks so untidy next to the beautiful V8!


Also gonna strip the interior for putting in the new gearbox crossmember and bit of floorpan welding.


Ben :-)

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