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Mr Ice - I think you've done a cracking job there mate :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: When it is in colour those wheels will look fantastic :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Looks like your hard work (6 weeks, wow :shock: ) has all been worth it so far :ykt::thumbsup:

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That car looks meaner than a junkyard dog!


Dont paint it,it looks bad ass unpainted.


I don't normally like those sort of wheels i like steels but they look really good and fill the arches out a treat,and the car sits real nice.


Good work mate.

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thanks guys means a lot as my 1st escort build.


goin the rs ultimate green


and any bits that should be back will go the same grey colour as the wheels to tie it all in


cibies will be green rears and grey surrounds


next this exhaust ? rear or side exit

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looks great,


love the camber on the front wheels :mrgreen::ykt: haha !


also agree, not keen on side exit - but they can look good, depends what type your thinking of?


personly on a xpac - nothing beats two pipes sticking out the back :twisted:

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i got group 4 hubs new then had one hole welded up then redrilled to 5 x 114.3


had i 10mm spacer made but it was to small the had to have a 50mm spacer made giving me a 10mm clearance on the wheel


had the spacer made so it bolted to the hub and them the wheel bolted to the spacer


rear is a 20mm


so very very happy with it


had paint out to day


the plan


2009 focus ultimate green inside and out


cutting the front grill out and replacing with mesh

cutting out the number plate space and replacing with mesh

then painting

anything that was back on the o/e x-pack in a gunmetal grey to match the wheels


not having inner lights as the holes will be used as vents

4 x cibies will be green on the rear and gunmetal on the lamp suround


once painted

carbon boot spoiler

carbon rear bumper

carbon dash top

carbon parcel shelf and firewall

carbon door cards


and we had a little play and going for two 3" pipes out the back one ever side.


the car is going to paint on the 19th so once its back i will be posting pictures

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  • 2 weeks later...

should i paint the dash green the same as the rest of the car and go carbon dash top and carbon centre console


or paint the dash grey the same as the wheels?


im having a bar welded in place across the rollcage so it sit at the bottom of the dash and that will be green

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