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MICK ROGERS CRASH - *** update ***

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I have been in touch with Mick and he is fine although he says he does now need a new pair of trousers :lol::lol::lol::lol:


He has asked me to find out if anyone got any video footage of the accident or any of his runs prior to that as he really has no idea what happened and he said it would help to know what way the car swung first so he can concentrate on that :thumbsup::thumbsup:


CheeRS peeps :thumbsup:

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is he the one with the matt black mk3 tina????


if yes, a few runs before there was wat looked like steam/smoke comin out of the front onto the front passenger wheel, not sure if it was just smoke from his burnout or antifreeze, not too sure cus it was too far away to get the smell of it :thumbsup:

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I remember Steve Green had a crash back in 1993 that sounds a bit like Micks crash.


Steve was nearing the finish line in his mental mk1 tina when it popped a core plug and the water went under the left rear tyre resulting in a big barrel roll,the car crossed the line at 124mph upside down and didn't stop for about 200 yards.


The car was totalled but Steve was very lucky to exit ok.


He built a new car and came back to run faster times and sure Mick will do the same.

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the run before, he swerved to the left suddenly and had to correct, i think i was with you jo? who ever i was with, we commented on it.


Yes it was me Glen, and I was talking about that incident to him after he was in the pit lane lining up to run again :thumbsup:



Sebring .. thanks for that ... I will let him know :thumbsup:

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I have just heard from Mick and it seems that luckily someone was in the stands and video'd it all and has sent him a copy on dvd :thumbsup:


Seems he did 2.5 rolls @ 111mph which in his words "wasn't as big a tumble as he had been told" :shock::shock::shock:


Sounds bad enough to me :lol::lol: Anyway, he is okay and will study the dvd later to see if he can see what went wrong :thumbsup:


Wishing him all the best and hoping to see the car out soon :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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