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Got home last night and the guy over the road had asked my parents if I'd had any one to look at buying the Mk 1 yesterday, which would be stupid as I was at work.

Apparently two guys in a Range Rover pulled up and were checking

over it, apparently they opened it all up and got in and were looking through the inside too. I'm quite surprised as I live miles out of town and

in a cul de sac and the car's pretty well hidden from the main road by a hedge. I'm quite annoyed as I've only had it home two weeks, and was going to get my dad's mate who's a mechanic to get it on the road for me quick so I have a car while doing the 105E, but he's gone down with bronchitus, and this happens. Its even more maddening as I'd thought of having the day off and I would have been there while my folks were at work, and they wouldn't have been able to tell. Shame that, as they'd have met my bulldog, Rocky.

Sad times when someone can't leave their own car on their driveway without some tossers getting their fingers all over it.

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This is becoming quite an occurance - it happened to us once but at night.

We came out in the morning and the drivers door was on the catch and the bonnet was left slightly opened - lucky for us we didn't have whatever they were after.


Time to consider your security options I think

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I'm quite lucky coz I have my car locked away in a garage attached to my house,


which I drive into and lock up from inside behind me 2 x big fook of bolts 2 x padlocks and another lock.

and leave via the rear, but It still worries me when I hear a noise at night :(

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sorry to hear that nick, your house really is in the middle of no where, i know when i came to have a look. without the tomtom i seriously would never have found it.


and i know you only brought the car for me to have a look so it hasnt been sat there that long.


just make sure rocky is alert, he looked a bit scary so i reckon he would warn 'em off. :D

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get some sort of security quickly mate like a wheel clamp



Is easier to clap it...

Just let the neighbours know that you will never let anyone tow it or touch it unless you are there

If they see anyone call the police..Or if there big give em shot ! !

Or confront them...

A shout or a police are on there way might do the trick....

Hope you get it sorted! !

Arseholes the fooking lot of em thieving bar steed oo`s

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Got a wheel clamp, but it won't fit over the mexico steels - they're too wide! So I've turned the wheels to face the hedge/fence and removed the steering wheel, so the lock should be on, parking a car in front of it at night and the neighbours know, its not actually in front of the drives exit as it's bottleshaped and at the top of a steep slope so it should be a bugger to move. When my folks aren't there I should be so I'll get me rifle out and keep an eye open, though my dog's friendly (and scary) so that will send 'em running opening the front door :wink: Fingers crossed.

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Guest M.Bird DOHC

Seems even your daily driver aint safe!


im sorry to hear that col i know deb's love that car!





park your daily driver in front of it mate!




Also leave battery disconnected! And convince your dog to kip inside it :wink:



CCTV maybe an idea so at least your see the fookers that take it :(



Why are there some many fookers out there that wanna take our old shite!

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My old fella had the back window of his Discovery smashed in last week..



fookers never even took anything, just pure vandalism.


did the same to my corsa last week.... stole 24p and a council tax receipt


idiot bled all over my car seat so i had the DNA squad round haha

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