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Who are the Admin and Mods on OSF?

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Okay guys and girls ....... as you know, we are the Admin staff on OSF:





and myself


This site is run by us at our own personal expense ...... we try to run a club like site which provides access to all the best events in the UK and it takes a lot of time and a great deal of effort to organise meets, shows, club stands, OSFDC .


All of this is done because we love OSF and what it stands for .... but .... we have a problem ...... when we offer to get reduced priced tickets to events, we need you to pay promptly....... if you have put your name down to be on a club stand ..... please make the effort to pay up.


Please don't put your name down on any of the lists unless you have every intention of paying and attending.


We will continue to organise club stands at all of the great shows but we really need your support people.





Thank you for listening and helping us :D



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