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Any views on polybushes...

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As the title says, im wanting to polybush my mk3 capri but unsure of what ones to go for, I do have a set of floflex ones to be honest but they were such a pain when i fitted them to my other capri that i might just bay them for what i can get and go for another more well know make,

Any views from people that have fitted them mucho appreciated!


thanks Jason... :thumbsup:

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Im not too sure really, I know i wasnt impressed with floflex, they were a pain in the rear to fit as they didnt fit properly and needed cutting to fit in my other capri. But unless its a track car you wont want it too stiff as it will be very uncomfortable to drive normally plus it might even start stressing the chassis if its really stiff. Im sure the floflex are alot better than rubber but I dont know if floflex do colours/stiffness, ive only ever seen orange myself.

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