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IF this is proven as an insurance scam :roll: then it should go along way to slow down the black market trade of V5's


Also an insurance company require a Police Crime Number to progress with a Theft claim so I can only guess that the Police will become interested in this "claim" as well

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Ban the sale of V5's I say:!::!:



What if the owner of the "stolen" car has had the log book since the 1980's when his pride and joy got smashed up and scrapped but he never sent the book off to DVLA for scrapping and no insurance was involved as he was 3rd party F+T in the 80's.


Then years later Escorts become worth serious money and he thinks he has a fool proof plan to get an insurance claim so uses his "long term owner" V5 to make a "claim" !


So no V5 trading was involved


Just a thought and to be fair we will never know !


What needs to be tightened up is DVLA's procedure regarding V5's out there without a car - if there were no "spare" V5's there would be no Black Market !

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