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my car has just failed the mot

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for having left hand drive headlights they cant be serious has anyone else had this problem? they say i have to get new headlights that dont face off to the right petty i reckon ? :?


They should point to the left to light up pavement etc, if yours point to the right no only could you hit a pedestrian that you may not have seen but you would blind all the on-coming drivers, potentially causing anther accident.

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Ummm do you have 7" round head lights? i.e. MK1 Escort??


I dont know for sure, but cant you just spin them round 180 degrees and then there be pointing in the right direction?? :roll:


Sorry m8, they have 3 locating points and like OHC says, it'l be signalling to airplanes :lol:

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