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These are the points that can be gained at each round within the OSFDC


10 points - attendance (awarded for sign on and still valid if you are unable to run) 

10 BONUS attendance points will be awarded for attending the FIRST and LAST rounds. 


100 points - 1st place + Trophy
95 points - 2nd place +Trophy
90 points - 3rd place +Trophy
85 points - 4th place
80 points - 5th place 
75 points - 6th place 
70 points - 7th place 
65 points - 8th place 
60 points - 9th place 
55 points - 10th place 
50 points - 11th place
45 points - 12th place
40 points - 13th place
35 points - 14th place
30 points - 15th place
25 points - 16th place
20 points - 17th place
15 points - 18th place
10 points - 19th place
5 points - 20th place
2 points - for all other placings 

* In the event of times being identical in the first 10 placings it will be decided on reaction times * 

Fastest reaction time of the day (reaction off the lights) 

10 points - + Trophy for 1st 
7 points - 2nd 
5 points - 3d 
3 points - 4th

Names to be added to the entry lists in the entries room. Please let us know prior to the event if you cannot make the event ..... this is just out of courtesy please and makes it easier for us on the day to run the event. 

There will be no official start time for each event, however, it is in your own interest to start as early as you can so that you can get the maximum amount of runs in on the day. There is no limit (other than your wallet) to the number of runs you do 

There are no other rules for the OSFDC. 

Good Luck Everyone and Enjoy Yourselves. 

For information, your OSFDC 2016 Team are: 

Jo Peters (Mk2J0), Kev Jenkins (KJ 1320), Alison Jenkins (Oddball) & Kieran - if you have any questions, please PM any one of them or see them at any of the events. Thanks 


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