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Has anyone used Jawel paints birmingham? Please Read

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This is just Heads up to anyone that may of used Paints bought from Jawel paints of birminham (also sell on ebay) I purcahased a 5.5 litre kit of 2k to paint some of my 100e in ermine white. this is going back over a year ..The car was painted shortly afterwards with great results ie application finish etc.. So as i was quite happy with the service products etc i decided to buy some 2k satin black to spray the suspension and engine bits sump etc again the aplication and finsh was great Untill some petrol was split on the sump! There is was discovered a major fault with the product the paint just melts and runs off . So at this stage i decided to test the engine bay etc that had been sprayed over 12 months before and exactly the same problem . I contact them and they are saying that either no hardner lol or the wrong amount of hardner would have caused this i think we all know that over 12 months is plenty of time for paint to harden!! anyway they have now chosen the route to ignore my emails. I am writing this as i have put alot of my spare time and money into preparing my 100e To paint it which i was hoping to finish for this years classic ford show unfortunatly the realality is its not going to happen now. However if there is anyone who has used there products it may be worth testing it with a little petrol or just think about my experiance before buying...

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