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Again as always the handicap system will be based around 13 secs and adding your reaction time


Actual time run = 14.4 secs ... handicap awarded will be -1.4 secs ... overall time = 13 secs 

Actual time run = 19.8 secs ... handicap awarded will be - 6.8 secs ... overall time = 13 secs 

Actual time run = 12.5 secs ... handicap awarded will be +0.5 secs ... overall time = 13 secs 

(your reaction time will then be added to the handicap time). 


Actual time run = 14.4 secs ... handicap awarded will be -1.4 secs ... overall time = 13 secs + .350 reaction time = 13.350

Breakout rule:
The time of 12.750 is the quickest you can achieve once your handicap has been deducted.


If your time BREAKS OUT by more than 0.250 seconds, you will incur a penalty by the extra amount. If you break out by 0.400 seconds, you will incur a +0.150 penalty added onto the break-out time etc. EG. 12.750 + 0.150 = ET of 12.900 with your reaction time then added onto the 12.900. This rule was introduced to try to prevent advantages being gained by entrants who have the ability to run much faster (more than 0.250 seconds) than their previous best time. 

The rules will remain the same which means you must submit your FASTEST E.T. ticket of the day only (not the fastest ET and reaction ticket combined).

Reaction times will still be added to your Overall ET from that FASTEST ticket.


Tickets will be collected by Ali and Jo at the allotted cut-off time (cut-off times will be decided on the day but will normally be around 4:00 pm where possible). 

The competition will consist of 7 rounds running between April and September at Santa Pod which all count towards your overall points.


This year we will be running it slightly different, previously we have used Saturday as a practice day but have now decided that the times from the whole weekend now count.  You can choose whether you run the whole weekend or just Saturday or Sunday.

If you run on both days your fastest ticket from the WHOLE WEEKEND will be taken


Cut off times will be decided on the day as this will depend on a number of factors (but will normally be around 4:00 pm where possible). 

Those entrants that are double driving/car sharing need to have different numbers clearly displayed on their own runs. Time tickets must clearly display two numbers to distinguish drivers. Tickets will only be accepted with your own OSF race number on them.


HANDICAP TIMES WILL REMAIN THE SAME FROM 2015/16 I.E THE LAST ROUND YOU COMPETED IN, IN 2015/16. (If you are still using the same car) 

Car changes mid-season will incur new handicaps and your points will be reset. If for any reason, you are unable to run your own car then as long as you and the car were in attendance (this does not include trailering a car to the track that is already broken!) you will get attendance points (as long as you pay to enter), BUT, you will not be allowed to use someone else's car for that round.


For newcomers handicaps will be set on the first 2 or 3 runs, these times will not count towards your final time.


Trophy presentations are held on Sunday after the racing has finished and all the times have been submitted and added to the spreadsheet this would normally be around 4:30/5:00pm depending on the amount of entrants and what time the cut off is. We will try our best to gather everyone together so no one misses it!

Trophies will be awarded for: 

1st Place 
2nd Place 
3rd Place

Quickest Reaction Time - (A 0.1 second penalty will be added to the reaction time for the competitor who wins the fastest reaction at the next round, This will not add on to their overall time just reaction time)


Best Burnout - (Decided amongst the organisers at the end of the day... we're always watching!)

There will also be an additional trophy available at each round which will be awarded where the organisers feel it is worthy.
(ie. if you have been a knob   :mrgreen: ).

Entry for the OSFDC as always remains at £5.00 per round which covers the costs of the trophies.

You will still need to pay for entry to the raceways and to run on the strip. 


Thank you all for your continued support! See you at the track :)

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