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Swop mk1 escort estate for caravan plus a bit of cash


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Before i go any further i would like to say im just testing the water and seeing whats out there....

anyway here goes....

i have a 1972 mk1 escort estate  not being used now and as i now have granchildren i was thinking maybe i would get to use a caravan more than the escort and of course get to share it with the grandchildren.

 The estate is not MOTed but on the other hand it has never failed as the test just ran out and i didnt get round to retesting it.

It has been left standing in my drive and its such a shame as someone could make good use of it.

it has a 1600 crossflow and when last driven ran quite well.

I am looking for a family size caravan plus a bit of cash my way.

 I dont expect to make any decisions this side of christmas, hence testing the water

  Text me on 07503174073 with what you have or i may be thinking of a cash sale.



Will post some pictures later if there is any interest

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