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1300E resto

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springs are now built onto the struts, but as you can see the top mount isn't correct, its the mount that came with the struts, but its aftermarket and the strut sits about 15mm too far up, or top mount too far down if you like, as really seen my the top flared washer, im after a couple of replacement pairs if anyone has any, need to be serviceable, genuine ford and be the 7/16" bore




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re-built the original carb, this now, among lots of other new parts has a brand new Italian made top, as the butterfly shaft holes were severely worn, I had fitted a brand new Spanish Weber carb to the car, and was blaming bad running and stuttering on acceleration on stale fuel, but it seems that after fitting 3 of these things new, that they are Spanish junk, and the original Italian carbs are the only way to go

for people looking to re build a Weber, Webcon still do most of the parts, and you can buy direct online, sometimes you have to change other parts for the modern way tho, so look what your buying, and the main butterflies, theres now an aftermarket repair of changing the nylon seals for sealed roller bearings, so no machining or bushing, just a straight swap, all available on e-bay







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