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because ford policy at the time was that all their more up market vehicles should have oblong lights, a status symbol if you like, however becase the light is not as efficient as the round ones, round ones were fitted to anything that was remotely related to rallying or alike, i may be wrong but i think the early Twin Cam had oblong but soon went over to round



Yeah, the twin cam went round as early as 1970


the oblong lamps truly are rubbish for light output aren't they lol. when I replaced the front panel on mine I nearly converted it to round headlights but now I am glad I didn't,lots of people have done so over the years though.

A common choice, a friend of mine (who was already having to restore his mk1 1300e by then, showing how quickly they rusted) converted his to round lights in about 1985.

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I opted for the blue, that is Miami blue and a proper 1300E colour, its also the colour of the one i had when i was 19...

Miami Blue is a gorgeous colur...  A mate of mine had a Granada Ghia Coupe in that very same shade many moons ago!!!


Memories are a huge part of why we own these cars today so if this is a taste of your past then the colour change is most certainly a good thing...!!!


I cannot wait to see more pictures of the Purple Velvet 'E'...!!!

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Hi Ray,


What a motor!


Your car looks absolutely fantastic and that Miami Blue looks amazing.


Seeing all your superb work on this thread has now given me a much needed injection of enthusiasm to crack on with my own 1300E restoration project once again (which after many ups and downs is now entering its 11th year!)


I prefer my Classic Fords just as Ford intended, so seeing you restore a 1300E to standard factory condition is a real treat for me as they have always been my favorite model Escort.


Keep the pictures coming, as i'd love to see how the work progresses on your car and see it in all its finished glory. Oh, and be sure to keep us posted on the Purple Velvet one aswell as thats the same as mine!


All the best

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the resto is on hold at the moment, i have had a major problem at work which has caused me big problems, all started on the 1st Dec, and as a result the car is locked away without access to it at the moment


the access problem should cure itself shortly, but then i have t move to a new workshop, so its going to be months before i can get back onto it, as ive got to move and re set up again


glad you like the car though

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shoiud be getting back into this project within the coming weeks, i have the car in my new woorkshop now, just a few things to sort out

the continuation wont be as quick as previously, but i do expect it to be ready for the summer


then onto the purple one

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done a few bits on it today, not really much to photograph though

changed the fuse box for a NOS proper 1300E one

changed the spot light relay for a NOS one

change the door check straps for NOS ones as the old ones were letting the door back a tad more than i liked

connected the heater and vacuum hoses back up to the manifold

connected the fuel line back up

and had the engine running


will do the timing tonight, and if time i will fit the new door rubbers as the new ones fitted are a tad too big to let the doors shut without slamming them

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didnt get as much done in the last few days as i had hoped, any spare time was spent correcting disctrepencies that i wasnt happy with, so not a lot to tell in pictures really

unfortunately the tail pipe is a pattern, it didnt sit right, so i removed it, modified it and i am happier with the way it sits now


axle U botls and nuts were from the lowering set it had when i got it, as well as not being right, lowering u bolts are a lousy fit as they are actually the wrong shape, i managed to get a set of original in good condition, and put those on yesterday with nice new nuts



i wasnt happy with the repro nyloc nuts for the axle housing, so replaced them with philidas nuts


took the tank out and re fitted, as i wasnt happy with the way the petrol cap protruded, sorry forgot to take a photo, and changed the rear light chrome bezels for better ones as i wasnt happy with the chrome




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the sound deadener / light blocker that fits under the parcel shelf between the shelf and the boot lid springs,


and from the top os the shelf witout the parcel shelf trim fitted


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