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Unless someone will correct me, high compression unless it's a P100 then it's a low compression Pinto. My mate came unstuck with that as he wanted a 2.0 Pinto for his Capri & got one out of a P100, only to find it was low compression version. Sold it to someone wanting to turbo it.

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I used a low compression engine as a base for 1 of my 2.1 builds.

I got a low compression 205 block with injection rods for peanuts, in the end I replaced rods with Cosworth ones and V6 Pistons so have a set of low compression Pistons on injection rods somewhere.

I believe the low compression variants are also found in Transits

The only way you can tell is by the engine code on the VIN plate or taking off the head and measuring the piston to deck height

The low compression engine is 8.2 to 1 the high comp 9.2 to 1

I thought there was an 8.7 to 1 for countries with poor fuel

Engine code NAE for low compression and I can only find P100 but don't have a Transit Haynes

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