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Mk1 escort propshaft eBay woes

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Hi all


Am I going about this all wrong?

(All) I'm after is a propshaft for my mk1 escort running a Type 9 gearbox. So far I've purchased 2 off eBay and both have been wrong :0(

In my mind mk1 escorts used the small flange and mk2's the larger flange?

All type 9's had the same diameter and number of splines.

So I figure an advert describing a single piece prop, compatible with a mk1 escort, running an English axle and type 9 gearbox should be a spot on.

Prop number 1 arrived with the larger flange.

Prop number 2 arrived with a smaller diameter input shaft. Type E?


My current prop starts to vibrate once I exceed roughly 60mph. I thought this would be a simple fix.

Buy replacement, bung it on and crack on with the next thing on the "to do" list.

Can't wait for Santa Pod. Hopefully somebody there will be selling one that I can actually see, touch and feel before buying.



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