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Another one too far gone to save

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I hope some talented loon buys it, do they do replacement panels for the Capri like they do with Escorts?


The fact the seller wants it to go as a complete car gives me hope.. ;)

They do panels for these but they are crazy money! It put me off getting one I was looking at a while back
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:-) A minter I presume?




I couldn't afford a Capri in the same condition without selling my first born, and seeing as he's 35, 6'3" military bloke with an attitude like a scrap mans dog, I don't think he'd be very happy.


The Manta site call them Crapi's, and I gather there is no love lost between regional Manta/Capri clubs. I'm causing ripples posting a pic of my Escort on the Manta Club forum. They'll learn to love me....... 






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