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My mk2 Escort 4 door

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Some wiring done!! woo! found a use for my old number plates too. i just hope it all works!



Thanks khanlad, i might have found the 90deg fitting i need so i can run the fuel line iv got, did you run yours outside or inside the cabin?

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Would you not fit the pump in the boot ,on thr floor near the tank itself.? I intend bolting pump on small rubber mounts just in front of alloy tank base /stand. I have fuel line along chassis outside ,near enough where original line ran but I got nice white plastic pipe clips ,to chassis, rather than original metal rusty ones.Planning on using someting similar for both battery cables from boot to engine etc

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It lives!!!


 So firstly after a lot of work this weekend the zetec have roared back into life! and it sounds fan-flippin-tastick, second push of the button and it ran, idled and even revved! 


Other events included:

My friends girlfriend made me a cake



I made a kill switch bracket out of the left over bits of my old number plate



Installed my slightly questionable switch panel (it was cheap and i really just wanted the switches)



Wired up the fuel pump and ran the lines (ended up going for standard plastic lines in the original clips with steel braided where needed)



Mounted my new claxon horn (and wired up which annoyed the neighbours)



And then took a picture of him looking particularly mean.



So a very successful weekend all in all!! next job is refurb rear axle and new diff!!

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Ye i know!! cake was good too! ive got a 3.9 diff to go in but i dont have a slipper at the mo, as much as i would like one they are a tad pricey, i did think about welding up my old 4.1 diff but not sure. 

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Wouldn't go down the welded route, 1) you will break things. 2) handle like a pig especially in the wet unles you intend going round every corner sideways. IMO save up and buy a new diff, the prices they are fetching s/ hand and are more than likely well stuffed or they wouldn't be selling them. People don't spend that amount of money just to say I've git a LSD in they are there to to used. Unless you know someone who is upgrading to maybe an atlas and you know it's history.



By the way, any chance of a piece of cake it looks great

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ha ha thanks colr6 but im afraid the cake didnt last very long. I completely agree about the issues with welded diff, it was just my desperation to do skids (not in my pants) on a budget, but i think i will wait and save and hope something comes up second hand. iv got to get used to car with its new engine before i start pushing it anyway!

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Nearly there! 


 Done the brakes front and rear now, not sure there was anything really wrong with the brakes before but i figured its been sat for a long time so it could hurt.


Only problem was the half shafts seems properly seized into place and no matter how much grunt i gave it with a slide hammer they would budge! So couldn't fit my other diff.


Fitted the single piece prop which was surprisingly easy! 



Fitted the radiator with modified upper hose joint with my slightly too big electric fan.


Also fitted all the cooling pipes, not the pretiest looking setup as its a mash up of different pipe sizes and lengths but hopefully it will do the job!


and took another picture with home made quarter bumpers.



Another slight issue is wen i fit my new grill the headlights are too close together so he looks crosseyed!! im really hoping this is a problem with the aftermarket new grill and not that iv welded the headlight support in the wrong place!!


Got the MOT booked for the 21st April as we have a mini show at work on the 22nd.... not leaving myself much wiggle room!

Checked all the lights over the weekend and everything works apart from the indicators which work but just seem a bit weak, hopefully just a bad earth somewhere.


just waiting on my new exhaust and some new tires and he should be done! for now.



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Looking forward to seeing this done. I sold the Cortina shortly after selling you the engine and now have another Escort project. I decided to try the Zetec thing again so I've had to buy everything I sold you all over again lol. Mine is currently just a bare shell so I'm a good few months behind you . I'll keep checking in here for updates!  

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A lot has happened last few weeks, but essentially the escort is ready for its mot! the picture above is how he looks now, im really happy with the way my temporary (maybe not so temporary now) paint scheme looks.


Really hoping he will be ready for classic ford! always wanted to take him down the strip!

Hopefully see you all there!


 Thanks again for all the help

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