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Xflow sticking solenoid??? help!!!!!

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Got this reoccurring problem with my escort recently, basically it seems as if the solenoid is sticking and won't turn the car over! as soon as I give it a little tap with something it turns over and fires up like usual! Took me a while to establish exactly what the problem was as I first thought it was the starter sticking or a bad earth and it wasn't making that "clicking" sound that a solenoid usually does when they decide to pack up. Anyway I found the problem was with the solenoid so I stole one off my cortina which is practically new! I then put that one in the escort and it worked for a day or 2 then the same problem again! I can't work it out at all I checked all the connections and earthings multiple times and everything is tight and how it should be but it's just one of them small things that isn't making sense? Could it be the cold weather lol? The car is used daily! Anyone had this problem?

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what condition is the wire in that operates the solenoid ? it could be breaking down , also the ignition switch itself could be packing up, the 'start' position contacts may be worn out. connect a voltmeter between the solenoid actuation terminal and the ignition switch feed, operate the starter and if you see a voltage reading on the meter this represents what you are loosing due to resistance.

I hope this makes sense to you and helps you out, cheers, ian.

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