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mk 2 escort popular plus project

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Welded on my coil over kit from rally design today welds are not the best but it will do the job 1 more to go they were not to hard to do either 

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Just incase some one wanted to no how to fit these coil over kits not to hard to do the hardest thing to do is get the coil over centred but I just raped some welding wire around the strut and welded round the bottom I was told not to weld the top so that i could get the rings on and off I'm just going to seal the top with some silicone to stop shit  from getting in there there not the cleanest welds but they will do the job 












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Looks a tidy enough job, quick grind up and paint. Jobs a good un. Might I make a suggestion, slightly off topic 🙄 would you please put some plywood on the top of your toolbox in the recessed part, it saves knackering the top of it. It’s just one of things that winds me up seeing a good box get unnecessarily getting damaged.👍

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Nowt wrong with the weld, it looks as though it has penetration into both parts, a tickle with the grinder or die grinder if you have one, bit of etch primer in a can and gloss after that, as good as a bought one.


As Col, yeah, bit of plywood on the top of the box, it will stop things sliding about, BUT DON,T WELD IT ON   ................................................ LOL.

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Lol it usually has a top box on it but I haven't had time to build a bench or have the space for the top box just one of those thing I haven't got round to 

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I have finally gave up looking for a throttle pedal for the pedal box I have just used the original one and fitted it should be ok I think 




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Looking good . don t forget that the treadbushes are made of hard stuff so they are no so nice to weld them.

I did weld them for mine estate 25 mm form the top and i did weld them also only on the bottom , and i did use metalglue on the top.

When you want to put them al the way to the top , than you can t weld them there becourse the tread get damaged on the inside of the leg.

And to center them i did use little pieces body repair panels 0,8 mm thick.

And yes the pedalboxes can give some troubles.

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Done abit more finished one coil over 1 to go I have also started cutting the front panel to fit the rad in tried to make it look as factory as possible hopefully weld it in this week end 










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