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My OSFDC 2016 Videos


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The first round was before I'd had the car anywhere near a rolling road, and I had a broken Throttle Position Sensor. This made the computer think I was either not pressing the throttle at all - or pressing it fully, with nothing inbetween! I was very happy with the 14.0 I ran, that was quicker than the donor car (which I got a 14.6 in)!


Prior to round 3, I had it on the rolling road, which improved the tuning quite a bit - but highlighted that I'm losing power over ~5000rpm because the air going into the engine is too hot. So, very happy with the 13.2 I managed!


There's still scope for more - I'm learning with each run how the car drives, and how to get the best from it, and will continue to make minor changes.


Quite how fast it will go - not sure! The engine as standard is 280bhp, I'm getting 235 from it at the moment due to that intake air temperature.

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At least you know where the problems lie, it must be good to know you can improve things which would give me the incentive to push for better times. Very impressed with the rear wing vid shows what's happening power to floor relations. Something you can't see from the seat ! Keep posting your times up and hopefully will improve ar a great rate of knots. Find them quite interesting. Good luck

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From the final vid, I can see that my open diff is (under the burnout, at least), sending power to the left rear wheel. Next time I'll either 1) put the camera on the other wheel, or 2) buy/borrow a second camera, and see what's happening on both sides simultaneously.


The camera, plus the datalogging onto the laptop, is very useful to see what's going on with it all!

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  • 11 months later...

I've done a few tweaks since the early rounds of 2016.


  • Bigger chargecooler radiator (huge thanks to Chris Todd for giving me that!), which helps the inlet air temperature out quite a lot!
  • Limited Slip Differential - much, much better traction off the line, down to 1.72s 60ft time!
  • Line lock - locks up front wheels during burnout to get plenty of heat into the rear tyres
  • Tweaking of ECU for fuel delivery - most runs are logged on laptop and then I make minor tweaks to the fuelling - the latest videos show an Air-Fuel Ratio of around 11.5 under full acceleration
  • Launch control - I'm currently launching at full throttle at 4700rpm, which allows the boost to stay at around 6psi and then climb as I pull away

I'm also learning, which has a big impact. I need to now focus on consistency :)

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