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Been wanting to ask but fear it's going to be a wasted effort. But here goes....


When I bought my Mk1 Escort last year I was told the ID was used on a rally car by a local guy. I'm really after some photos of the car and the reg being rallied.

I have been googling for a long time and turned up 6 events the car was entered into and 1 blurred photo. I have made contacted with people locally who know the guy who used to rally the car. He mentioned it was rallied before he had it ( not sure if I can mention names ). So if anyone has photos of the car at the rally events below I would love a copy.


The events are-

2007 Green Leaves rally

2007 Rally of the Moors

2008 RDP Welsh rally

2008 Brean Rally

2008 Jersey Rally

2008 Twilight Rally


That's all goggle has given me. The car reg is FHE645L, was Olympic Blue with a white Mexico stripe.


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