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OSFDC 2017 .... some changes


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Hello lovely people of Old Skool Ford


Each year we do a few little tweaks here and there to make the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge bigger and better and this seems to work because we have ever increasing numbers and consistently 20+ entrants at each round for the 2016 season which is superb.


This year we have a big change to announce and we know it is going to be controversial, but then progress is never achieved without change ;)


For the 2017 season we will be welcoming MK2 Fiestas and MK3 Escorts to race with us.   As regular readers of Classic Ford will know, these "classic" Fords have been included in the mag for some time and at the various OSFDC events, we have been asked many times if we would include these models.    For the past few years we have turned these cars away from taking part with us on the drag strip but as we have full support and coverage by Classic Ford Mag of the OSFDC, and the support of Kev, Ali and Kieran who run this series with me we felt that the time was right to include them in our Challenge.


I would, however, like to confirm that this is NOT a change to the policy or rules of OId Skool Ford, the club/forum.     These cars will still be excluded from show and club stands as they don't meet our criteria for OLD SKOOL FORD, the club and at shows like Classic Ford Show, we will have to be apart from the main stand.


Other rules and reg changes will be announced shortly and the dates will be put up on the forum when they are finalised.


If we find that we have offended too many members with this announcement then we will look to move the OSFDC away from the forum but this would be a shame as we think that it gives good advertising of our club with regular coverage in Classic Ford Magazine.




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Hi jo how do I sign up for next years drag challenge? Cheers

Hello Paul. We're just getting our heads together to plan the 7 rounds that we hold between April and October and we will announce them here first on the forum once we've made a decision so keep checking on here.


All you have to do then is turn up on the day. All rounds are held over a weekend and many of us camp over and make a whole weekend of it but not everyone can do that or wants to do that so you can race on either Sat or Sun or both.


We work out your handicap based on the first few runs and then you just run as many times as you like and we take your fastest time of the weekend.


I won't bore you with the handicap system now but there's lots of info on our drag pages here on the forum and it's much better to come along (in at the deep end) and we'll explain it fully at the time. Suffice it to say, our handicap system allows 8 sec cars to compete with 18 sec cars.


Apart from the cost to sign on with the raceway, it costs just £5 to join in with us which covers the cost of trophies.


Keep checking back here and in Classic Ford Magazine for dates of all the rounds.


I'm sure some of our regulars will be able to give you more info and also some of our newbies (Garry) who joined us this year and are now hooked!


Welcome aboard!


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As Jo said (and mentioned me by name!) I'm totally hooked. I turned up at a very, very cold first round back in April of this year with a coolant leak on my Anglia, having had to stop 4 times during a 100 mile journey to top up the coolant level. I pulled up, found a collection of people, wandered over and introduced myself. Then, before I'd even finished saying hi, asked whether anyone had a jubilee clip, as the one on my heater circuit had failed (hence the leak) - Jo called out to everyone, and 3 separate people ran off to look through their toolboxes and boots for a jubilee clip, for someone that they had never met before.


That's when I knew, within 2 minutes of turning up, that this was going to be a good group of people.


And boy, was I right.


After sleeping in my Anglia that very cold night, I raced on the Sunday too (with feet like blocks of ice for most of the day!), and have been back for 4 more rounds (unfortunately I missed 2 due to pre-booked holidays) and enjoyed every single one - a fantastic weekend away every time.


Absolutely everyone I've met this year at the 5 rounds has been very friendly, a great laugh, willing to help when having issues, and happy to offer advice and share their knowledge.


I've learned loads this year, but there's still loads more to learn. I've taken my Anglia (well, mostly myself) from 14.1 seconds to 12.97 seconds - but I didn't do great in the points because I just wasn't consistent enough - the time improvements are mostly irrelevant in this competition - it's rock-solid consistency, and reaction times play such a big role - and neither of those are down to the car!!



If you're on the fence - pop along, have a chat with us, have some runs up the strip, and see how you find it and us - I think you'll be hooked immediately!

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Yes il definitely stop and chat with everyone, hopefully get sum good times in. Does any know what's the fasted time from a mk2 escort 4door naturally aspirated? Cheers



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That'll probably be Joe Ashton's beige Mk2 Escort a few years back, I believe his best in that car was around the mid 12s.


What's good about the OSFDC is you don't have to have the fastest car to win it's all about consistency!

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Also, its nit about money either.. We won it in 2010 with a car built for £3500 all in! Truth be told, we beat the favourite KJ into 2nd place BUT, it was KJ himself that diagnosed we had a fuel pressure issue that ultimately got us a PB and the win. Where else would that happen???

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