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hi just started my MK1 Fiesta Zetec conversion and have a series 3 blacktop from the a 2.0 mondeo and then got a 1.8 zetec from a MK5 escort which i understood has all the right bits i needed for the conversion like sump , flywheel eater pump etc.

But this is the water pump on the mondeo  and the other pic is of the water pump that was on the escort zetec, They are completely different can anyone point me in the right direction to make sure i get the right pump.

IMG_20171023_192318.thumb.jpg.3e998a4b7c214832d238f60a80350ff7.jpg      IMG_20171023_192326.thumb.jpg.ec63734a0a84ce71fffd47d526c79141.jpg

Also can anyone identify this alternator bracket i was told it was the correct one but i cannot get it all lined up and also there is nowhere to attached the tension bar for the alternator



Hope that all makes sense.

Seeing as this is my first FWD project i will probably be asking a lot more questions.


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Can't help with the alt. bracket but for a Blacktop 2.0 you have to use a Blacktop Mondeo / Focus / Puma pump. But doing so means you need to use the serpentine belt run configration ie. back of the belt drives the smooth side of the WP pulley to drive pump the right way! Other option is to fit a reverse flow WP impeller from IKE Engineering (I did) with a grooved pulley to simplify the belt  run in a RWD car. The earlier Escort pump on the Silvertop engine rotated opposite direction............but doesn't fit a B'top.

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