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Out now: Classic Ford April 2018 issue

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Classic Ford April 2018 issue is available in print and to download now, and it’s all about those crafty classic Fords with a surprise under their bonnets!

Like most things in car culture, ‘sleeper’ originated in post-War United States (it’s a hot rod term derived from ‘sleeper agent’ to denote a secret agent who’d gone deep, deep undercover), but these types of cars have been part of the UK automotive scene for almost as long, too.

In fact, Ford have been at it themselves for decades — the Lotus Cortina and Scorpio are two obvious examples, but for this sleeper special we’ve highlighted four less obvious examples to get you thinking.

The sleeper look has never really fallen out of favour in the classic Ford scene and will probably be with us until, well forever, really. And they’re ever-evolving too, with late ’80s cars now taking inspiration from their elders.

Even better, none of the excitement of discovering a sleeper in the metal has been lost, and we’re planning a special display at the Classic Ford Show on Sunday, June 3. Join us.


Find your nearest UK stockist of Classic Ford April 2018 issue here: www.seymour.co.uk/storefinder

Can’t get down the shops? Order your copy direct from the publishers: http://shop.kelsey.co.uk/issue/list/publication/CFD

Live outside the UK and don’t want to wait? Get your Pocketmags Digital Magazine Newsstand edition from here: https://pocketmags.com

Also available in digital format from:

Why not subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out, and save money in the process? Check out our latest subscription offers here: http://shop.kelsey.co.uk/subscription/CFD



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