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Classic Ford Summer 2018 issue out now!

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The Classic Ford Summer 2018 issue is available in print and to download now, and inside we reveal Ford’s export oddballs, give you the lowdown on the new MoT rules, and much more!


If travel broadens the mind, then have we got a brain-expanding issue for you! Ford, particularly in Europe, was always good at reappropriating its range for the different markets (think the Taunus-badged Cortinas), especially in the ’70s and ’80s, but they were also at it far further afield. 

In this distinctly global issue we uncover the overseas oddballs that look strangely familiar, but were often very different under the skin, including VW-engined Escorts (Brazil) and Sierras badged as Merkurs and powered by turbocharged Pintos (USA) — Dan Williamson uncovers these and three more starting on page 50, plus we’ve also got full features on the South Africa-only Escort Bantam (this one now lives in Germany), and a US-spec, Dagenham-built Cortina Estate that never quite made it to the docks in time.

Almost 80 Classic Ford readers have also been on their travels, taking part in the annual Classic Ford Tour, and experiencing the Laon Historique weekend in France (above) — an event like nothing else we’ve been to, and it was such a hit that we’re sure to return to on a future tour.


Find your nearest UK stockist of Classic Ford Summer 2018 issue here: www.seymour.co.uk/storefinder

Can’t get down the shops? Order your copy direct from the publishers: http://shop.kelsey.co.uk/issue/list/publication/CFD

Live outside the UK and don’t want to wait? Get your Pocketmags Digital Magazine Newsstand edition from here: https://pocketmags.com

Also available in digital format from:

Why not subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out, and save money in the process? Check out our latest subscription offers here: http://shop.kelsey.co.uk/subscription/CFD



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