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Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

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On 03/01/2021 at 03:21, Daddio said:

Thank you, the dent in the front wing is down to the Mrs (honest). I should've put the whole car behind the wall so obviously it's my fault.

I noticed that little dent but by todays standards such a small accident is nothing compared to having a car in that good condition. I remember back in the day though, before computer matching, no one cold ever seem to get that copper colour to match on any repairs!

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9 hours ago, katana said:

4 Door or not - that is sweet! Downdraft Webers as well - very nice engine bay! Are the wheels 14 or 15" - do you know?

I think they are 15s. Those look like 3 piece Simmons wheels which I dont think came in 14s for Escorts.

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I was out in mine today. Covered about 50 miles and all ok. The 45 dcoe really suit the engine and better than the 38dgas I had. This year I am hoping to get it painted in May, found a local guy. Moved into the mexico steelies which I prefer.


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2 hours ago, anglia58 said:

went for a drive today on an industrial estate, lots of fun, and with the evening clock in holland you are allowed to take the dog out, so he will be driving after 9 oclock, cheers




What all that white stuff? It looks magical!

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Popped up the road for a brew with the wife yesterday and this Ford Falcon GT parked up across the road. Absolute cracker and zero snobbery about it ‘only’ being a 4 door in Australia.







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