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bob wiggins

Wiring loom or an electrician

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Need an early dash and engine loom please or an electrician to come and repair mine , I  sent my engine loom off to be modified from positive earth and dynamo to pinto and alternator , paid the money then a year later put it in , couldn’t get a battery light of oil light , anyway got cheesed off with it and waiting for people to turn up to look at it but didn’t bother showing up , so I buy an easy wiring loom from USA looked good so cut all the warning light wires and holders off my original dash loom , anyway I have now decided I want my original loom as it’s a lovely 1968 car , can anybody repair my loom please £££????? I’m desperate , thanks for looking 


i can post clocks dash and engine loom to anyone anyone willing to help , thankyou

not as bad as it seems for someone who knows what they are doing with wiring !! Sadly I don’t 

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